A concert pianist is selling his Harlem loft

A concert pianist is selling his Harlem loft


norman lebrecht

February 07, 2017

If you need space for a Harlem grand, this could be yours for $2.25 million.

One careful owner: Inon Barnatan.

He paid $1.182 million for the space in 2007.

More facts and pics here.



  • Holly Golightly says:

    Ah, champagne socialism and the ‘limousine left”!! You can bet London to a brick its own spruiks genuine Lefty care and concern for the ‘disadvantaged’!! And it would be genuine – honest!!

    Now, in pointing out the bleeding obvious watch out for ensuing invective from the hyper-defensive.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    Typically, in a barrelled ceiling, the curve extends from one wall to another like an arch, but this treatment is perpendicular to that.

    How does that stay up and why was it necessary?

    And how did they get the 9′ piano in there? Was the elevator big enough or did they have to crane it in through the windows?

    Did he have to limit his practice hours for the neighbors?

  • Cyril Blair says:

    Has to be his husband’s money paying for a million-plus loft, no? Surely he can’t make that much money. Or maybe he started out rich.

    • Myrtar says:

      He is Jewish, so… that explains it.

      • Nick says:

        WOW! That is something considering the blog of a Jewish author NL.
        How does he permit such an openly anti-Semitic comment on his blog?!? Beats me, and I am sure not only me

        • Myrtar says:

          How is that anti-Semitic? He is Jewish and is well supported by the Israeli government, something most artists aren’t lucky when it comes to support from their own governments.

          • Nick says:

            Not all artists are supported by their respective governments. When an average person reads that comment it READS ANTI-SEMITIC: “He is Jewish, so… that explains it”.

            I am a regular guy and I say it is anti-Semitic. The implication is: all Jews are rich –(derogative), so they can pay millions. A deeply offensive statement even to non-Jews, I say, being one.
            So I can easily imagine the reaction from a Jewish person who reads that.

          • Myrtar says:

            That’s your view, not everyone agrees, and NL allowed my post, so he didn’t see it the way you did. You’re over reacting.

          • Bruce says:

            If that was what you meant, you should have said “he is Israeli.” Or does the Israeli government support all Jewish artists everywhere??

        • Pamela says:

          Yes I agree with Nick. I find the remark of Myrtar to be blatantly antiSemitic. I am surprised to find it in the correspondence of supposedly cultured people.

      • Bruce says:

        I thought that was a joke, until I saw who wrote it.

  • Christopher Czaja Sager says:

    ooooh, a b a r g a i n !!!
    and a ‘killing’_ in 9 years ‘doubled’ in price
    good businessman!
    Don’t know the brand, ‘Harlem Grand’…..
    that included in the 2 million ‘plus’?