What can yoga do to help your singing voice?

Canadian soprano Layla Claire has made a video for the clothing brand lululemon about her role preparation, which always involves yoga. Interesting to see when and how she does her yoga.

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  • The next chapters for this video are: Six-pack abs in 10 minutes, 3 Wonderful things about being a Vegan, and the unmissable “Verdi’s organic veggies”. Seriously, this is just some paid advertisement for hipsters, it has nothing to do with singing.

  • A few years ago, in a master class, there was this pre-singing session called “focus training”, which consisted of well-known yoga exercises. The point was to reduce stage fright and was taught by an artist who once had an humiliating experience on stage because oh this “demon”. Well, she keeps on teaching, we keep on singing, and the “demon” is always there…

  • Very slickly produced video. I confess I don’t understand a need for mockery or offense for a singer looking out for bodily health, as neglect of this has undermined many fine careers. I don’t see advocacy for bizarre ideas in this representation.

  • This is a lovely video about how yoga helps a busy young career woman, mentally and physically, in her work and rest. Sounds like people criticising have never tried it!

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