Trump’s travel ban is attacked by League of American Orchestras

Trump’s travel ban is attacked by League of American Orchestras


norman lebrecht

January 31, 2017

This won’t cost the prez any sleep, but it sets out where musicians stand:

League of American Orchestras
January 30, 2017

League Statement on Travel Ban Executive Order
The music that orchestras play and the communities they serve are global and include people and cultures from the seven countries that are now subject to the travel ban issued by executive order on January 27. We firmly believe that concerns related to national security can be addressed while also continuing to welcome people beyond our borders.

The League of American Orchestras believes in the power of music to communicate across differences, express and animate the issues of our time, and advance international diplomacy and our democracy. With each concert U.S. orchestras perform here and abroad, as many as 100 musicians from diverse traditions, faiths, and political perspectives play in unison in the shared pursuit of artistic expression.

Musicians don’t just play, they listen with purpose. In a time of unprecedented divisions in our country, intentionally listening to the full spectrum of voices is key to our nation’s progress.

Democracy, like music, flourishes when we encourage, acknowledge, and respectfully engage with a diversity of ideas.



  • Anon says:

    I wonder if the League of American Orchestras also protested the travel ban Obama put in place… Even be in one country rather than seven, the principle is the same. Or did it not suit them to do so then?
    In London tonight, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, having just spoke out against Trump’s bans, will host representatives from eleven countries who all ban Israeli citizens from entry. One is left wondering if he really cares about travel bans, or just about attacking Trump.