Trump signs Piano Guys for inauguration

The devoutly Christian group, recovering from a recent bereavement, have turned a deaf ear to the mood music.

Here’s the official announcement.

We hear that their label, Sony, had been urging certain artists to participate.

Here’s the Piano Guys’ statement:

Our desire as The Piano Guys has always been to spread hope, love and joy through our music and videos. We accepted the invitation to perform at the Inauguration with this objective in mind. We would have been honored at the opportunity no matter who was being sworn in. We strive to make all vital decisions a matter of serious soul searching and prayer. We felt very strongly that we needed to accept this invitation.

We, too, are distraught over how divisive this chapter in our nation’s politics has been, but we have hope for the future! When Jon’s daughter went missing people came to our aid in incredibly unselfish, loving, caring, and nonjudgmental ways. It reaffirmed our hope that it’s gonna be okay. As the pendulum of politics swings one way or another, let us all pray for understanding and for goodwill to win in the end.

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  • Sorry to miss them, as I won’t tune in to the Inauguration. I will listen to Chopin: Marche Funebre from the Second Piano Sonata.

  • They’re so soothing to the nation’s wounded soul! It’s elevator music, but without the noisy, clanking, stuffy elevator!

    • To be replaced by noisy, clanking, stuffy and insufferable comments. Do I detect the whiff of condescension and snobbery? You bet.

      Listen up: Trump has made an absolute fortune in THE most difficult real estate market in the world, he was won the Presidency of the USA and married Miss World.

      When most of you can achieve 1/1,000th of that call me back.

      • “Made a fortune”??? He has, at best, $4B. Had he simply parked the money daddy staked him to in the stock market, he’d’ be sitting on $12B today. Possibly the six bankruptcies had something to do with it. Though I’m sure there was some offset through slimy tax dodges (which I’m sure you think he’d never do). When you can make an $8B loss look like you’re a “success,” call US back.

  • So glad you guys are participating in our nation’s inauguration,you are only group I listen too.I would like to attend this great event. I think this will be “A DAY TO REMEMBER”

  • To spread hope, love and joy during the inauguration of one who spreads fear, hate and bullying is contradictory. It’s heartbreaking news to fans of Piano Guys who have supported them since their first album. No choice but to shelve all their albums away in response to such an insensitive decision.

  • Yawn. Spray tan clown and these derivative cheese-balls deserve each other. These kids are basically youtube Andre Rieu wannabes posing in front of waterfalls anyway. Was not a fan before, and am most definitely not a fan now.

  • Both prayer & opportunity work better when we do what must be done. I find it difficult to believe that a GOD that does not want to be mocked would condone anything “Trump”. I’m sorry that you have linked your daughter’s disappearance to a misogynistic demagogue’s rise to power; for me this is the most difficult piece of your argument to swallow. Integrity is a characteristic that must be exercised, not just talked about. Hardly anything to “celebrate” and certainly nothing that persons of integrity would be participating in.

    • Well said! Anyone with integrity and good morals will not perform for trashy trump. Piano guys seem desperate to agree to perform for this demagogue because they might not be invited if the true superstars were there. They are going to lose more faithful fans who feel betrayed now.

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