There’s a Fanny Mendelssohn Prize. It is judged by men

Suppressed throughout her short life by her famous brother, forgotten for the next century, Fanny Mendelssohn never got a real crack at posterity.

To address the injustice, a kind lady from Hamburg, Heide Schwarzweller, organised a competition in Fanny’s name with a 10,000 Euro prize and a recording on Genuin Classics.

This year’s prize was won by a violinist, Matthias Weil.

The jury was made up entirely of men – Jürgen Kesting, Jürgen Ernst, Dieter Rexroth, Niklas Schmidt, Markus Fein, Ralf Ruhnau and Holger Busse.

Nobody has learned anything from Fanny’s life story.

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  • last sentence…!
    premise, silly…sexist
    poor Fanny !

    an all Fanny-women jury?
    rather sporting of the donor and her jury!

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