Shock: Mariinsky opera soloist is found dead, at 38

Shock: Mariinsky opera soloist is found dead, at 38


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2017

The St Petersburg company is in shock at the sudden death of bass-baritone Edward Tsanga, aged 38.


Edward, a member of the company since 2008, was taken ill at rehearsal on Friday and sent to hospital. He was discharged on Friday night, went home and was found dead on Saturday.

No cause of death has yet been given. Valery Gergiev called it ‘a terrible loss’.

Tsanga, who came from the small Komi Republic, toured with the Mariinsky to London, Paris and across Germany. He sang Leandro in the Teatro Real’s new production of Prokofiev’s Love for Three Oranges in Madrid and was also engaged at Aix-en-Provence and Luxembourg.


  • John Niles says:

    Very Sad. I heard him via a delayed broadcast via BBC. Very good Singer.

  • Sylvester Beelaert says:

    Actually, the small Komi republic is twice Great Britain.

  • Prosciutto Crudo says:

    Hi Norman, first of all his correct name is Edward (or in some other formal publication Eduard) TSANGA, not Tsang as you wrote here, please correct it.

    Mr. Tsanga was a really fine singer with big natural talent, charisma and a very warm personality. He shall be missed dearly by his admirers. He left this world too early……….

    An example of Tsanga’s artistry can be listened in one of his signature roles here from a performance less than 1 year ago at Mariinsky:

  • Russian soul says:

    The official Mariinsky statement of appreciation is here:

  • John says:

    Must have pissed off Putin. Look for polonium.

    • barry murphy says:

      John’s comment is tasteless and off-topic. Can he be blocked?

      • DeeAnne Hunstein says:

        It may be a shocking thing to say, but relevant, none the less. I had a personal experience with a composer who had lived in Russia and who warned me about ten years ago that Putin had been groomed by the KGB to take over after the fall of the Soviet Union and return them to power. Not long after producing his anti-Soviet themed work, here in NYC at Carnegie Hall, I learned he had been found dead of unknown causes in his London office.