More names in the Israel hat

More names in the Israel hat


norman lebrecht

January 03, 2017

Haaretz music critic Amir Mandel adds a few more candidates for the Israel Philharmonic vacancy, warning that the orchestra is in need of an energy jolt and in danger of repertoire atrophy.

Among the maestros best liked by the players, writes Amir, are: Antonio Pappano, Pablo Heras-Casado, Manfred Honeck, Vladimir Jurowski and both Petrenkos, Kirill and Vasily (pic).

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  • Amnon Katz says:

    Don’t forget Kent Nagano,or Ivan Fisher

  • V.Lind says:

    Are these maestros interested in the Israeli Phil or just a wish list?

  • Why would the Petrenkos, Pappano, or even Jurowski, want to associate themselves, and lend support to an orchestra which represents at best an apartheid state, at worst a pariah state?
    Even if they were to, touring opportunities of the I.P.O.these days are surely somewhat restricted, due to interruption of concerts by the many global opponenets of Israel.

    • Mark says:

      Thankfully, none of the candidates will be soliciting an advisory opinion regarding the IPO position from a slow-witted anti-Semite like you.

      • Harold Lewis says:

        I agree. And by the way, the closest you get to ‘apartheid states’ in that part of the world are the likes of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

  • Mark, you are guilty of the usual conflation of criticism of Israel and antisemitism.
    Harold, we are not discussing Kuwait and Saudia Arabia.
    It is quire clear that Israel is going down the “one state” cul-de-sac- their long term ambition is the total annexation of the west bank; undoubedly and deservedly they will receive much international criticism for this.
    Why would any decent ambitious musician want to be associated with these actions?

    • Harold Lewis says:

      Israel did not steal any Arab land – certainly not from a fictitious Arab nation (Palestine) – land was bought and taken perfectly legally under the British Mandate Plan and the 1947 UN Resolution.

      If anyone is illegal in Palestine, it’s the Arabs who came knowing that Western Palestine, unlike the Eastern part, had been assigned specifically to the Jews. 65 years later, the Arabs are still sore losers and have been encouraged by the UN and limitless funds to carry on trying to defeat Israel and claim the whole of Palestine for the Arabic ummah.

      It’s high time to say no to the big lie: Israel is not illegally occupying the West Bank (Judea/Samaria). Israel is not a colonialist or expansionist enterprise. Self-defense against Arab agression is not a crime.

      • Mark says:

        Exactly Mr. Lewis. Not to mention the fact that all this land belonged to the Jews many centuries before Muhammad cast an approving glance on his first goat.