How a London orchestra helps stroke patients to recover

How a London orchestra helps stroke patients to recover


norman lebrecht

January 19, 2017

A public service film from the Healthcare Professionals Network.


  • Mike Aldren says:

    Fascinating. I have recovered almost completely from a stroke 6 years ago and I put a lot of this down to playing the violin and working countless hours to recover the left hand/arm movement starting from a position of total paralysis. I put the recovery down to the physical ‘physio’ and didn’t really consider the aural/psychological component.

  • Dilys Page says:

    Thanks and good luck to everybody who made this idea work so wonderfully well.
    Inspirational! Magic power of music – thrilled to see it happening in Hull. I was living there when I had a stroke in 1995, before Hull got its specialist stroke unit. Dilys Page

  • Brian Archibald says:

    The power of music displayed by people with disabilities after stroke, this was remarkable to watch and listen to. Results, Results, Results. Things are looking up in Kingston upon Hull with better outcomes for stroke recovery.

    Brian Archibald
    Stroke Survivor
    Kingston upon Hull