Germany agency signs Dutch bros

Germany agency signs Dutch bros


norman lebrecht

January 12, 2017

Konzertdirektion Schmid has swooped on the Dutch piano brothers Lucas and Arthur Jussen, who are famous in the lowlands and have a DG contract but are in need of worldwide management.

The brothers, 23 and 19, have a Concertgebouw orchestral release coming out in April.


  • Myrtar says:

    Do people pay to see this kind of circus? I thought we were done with the “Kelly Family” product.

    • Step Parikian says:

      Myrtar – have you heard them play?

    • Paavo says:

      I have heard them in Poulenc Concerto for 2 pianos. Magnificent and great fun, because Poulenc Concerto is great fun, not circus!

      • Myrtar says:

        Same repertoire as the Labeque Sisters, except they’re male and blond… Labeque Sisters, Chung Trio, Maisky Duo and so on… there is real music outside family relationships too, being related to another musician doesn’t mean you’re a great musician (Eg. Barenboim father/son). The industry loves to sell family gigs, and the audience falls for it.

        • Charlotte says:

          Wow, you’re cynical. They are excellent musicians and lovely people.

        • Bruce says:


          Yes, there is real music outside of family relationships (see 99% of all musical groups). Of course being related to another musician doesn’t mean you are a great musician yourself; does it necessarily mean you’re not?

  • David Boxwell says:

    They have lovely fluffly hair.

    • Eastsidearts says:

      The love children of Leif Garrett and Andy Gibb!

    • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

      I hope they keep it. I looked the same in my young years, but now, as I am advanced in age, girth, and wisdom, hair is only to be found on the lateral and posterior side of my head. I wish the Jussen brothers every success. May Alfons and Aloys Kontarski watch over them…

  • André Weiss says:

    I invite other readers to look at the YouTube videos of Lucas Jussen’s concerts in Korea.

    Lucas’s management has dressed him (and mussed up his hair just so) in order to look exactly like the famous Stieler potrait of Beethoven. I do not think this is a coincidence: I think this is a canny marketing strategy to play up Lucas’s Aryan looks for an east Asian audience.

    Also note Lucas’s extraordinarily tense and high-fingered technique.