First conducting post for Nathalie Stutzmann

The French contralto-turned-conductor has been named principal guest conductor in Dublin with the RTE Symphony Orchestra, starting next season.

Stutzmann, 51, made her debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra last month.

She is agented by AskonasHolt.

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    • Do they like her there?

      I hear that the Philadelphia Orchestra liked her a great deal. They certainly stamped their feet for her as she came out for a second bow.

  • “She is agented…”. ‘Agent’ is not a verb, dammit. This is just vulgar journalese, telegraphic sloppiness and laziness.

    • Calm down. Language is not set immutably in stone. It changes continually, and it is commonplace for nouns to assume the function of verbs. Besides, the meaning of Norman’s last sentence is quite clear.

      • That something changes continually, as language always has, does not mean that it always changes for the better. Consider the current trend toward starting the answers to questions with ‘So…’. Illogical, but a pretty good ruse for evading the question. Perk up and start caring about the use and abuse of language.

  • She will conduct Tannhäuser in Monte Carlo in February – French Version – with Cura ! This might show it all! 🙂

  • Congrats to Nathalie. She is one of the most sensitive and musical conductors I know and listening to her performances always brings great joy.

  • She’s a wonderful singer/musician . I’ve been a fan of hers for years, probably her biggest. Her Brahms CD is outstanding. I watched her conduct messiah in Liverpool and was very impressed the only pity was that she couldn’t conduct and sing the contralto arias at the same time.
    As a college vocal tutor I often suggested that my mezzo students should listen to her.
    I wish her much luck and much success with her future

  • She is very gifted and has great rapport with the orchestra, but the RTE orchestras (they are under the state broadcaster) are in deep trouble and I fear that she is more beneficial to them than they are for her.

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