Donald Trump is still begging for a singer

Charlotte Church turned him down this afternoon with a blunt tweet: ‘@realDonaldTrump Your staff have asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple Internet search would show I think you’re a tyrant. Bye.’


Any other Welsh songbirds been approached?

Sir Bryn? Sir Tom Jones?

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  • His admired friend in the Kremlin might lend a hand….Anna Netrebko maybe….she handed a cheque for a million rubles to separatist politician Oleg Tsarev in a televised ceremony in Saint Petersburg in 2014, saying “I want to take a step to support the arts where it is especially necessary now.”

  • Just as well Ch-Ch turned him down. Competing “Voice of an Angel” types might have got a bit nauseating.

    After months of dreading it, I am almost beginning to look forward to next Friday. I see he has loaded up with religious leaders (presumably to counter the impact of being low on singers). But it will be interesting to get morning after reports on who performed at the balls — high school bands? The Marine Corps band, which has to because by then he will be their C-i-C?

    If he uses recorded music it will likely be against the will of the artists.

  • From the names that have been mentioned so far in this whole process, it looks like Trump is only interested in singers who perform mostly in arenas. Doubtful Terfel would be invited since he’s not a pop singer. Jones, maybe, depending on his politics.

  • I don’t like Trump but I do admire the way he’s taking a sledgehammer to the Left!! Long overdue!!! Precious luvvies like Meryl Streep and her look-at-me Hollywood narcissists!! That’s all so yesterday!!

    • Actually, Holly, you have been consistently writing in support of Trump and his posse of morons, opportunists, and liars. And whenever you put up such comments, my comment to you is the same:

      Honey, I want to grab you by the pussy. We need to all stop being so politically correct! You know, I can’t help myself, I just want to kiss you.

      • You’ve learned your lesson well from Clinton and Kennedy. That’s the beauty of Democrats; they’ve got few morals but they’re busily telling everybody else what to do. Industrial strength hypocrisy, which obviously gets you what you want.

    • And one other comment…THANK YOU, MERYL STREEP! You give us all hope yet for America.

      Her speech the other night was nothing less than her finest moment.

      • The Left has dominated the culture wars in its march through the institutions and the media. It’s going to take somebody like Trump to attack it with a sledgehammer for that to be reversed; that’s how bad it’s become. There are millions like myself; we don’t like Trump but we despise the Left even more and its poisonous victimhood and self-loving bien pensant. We on the right think people are responsible for their own behaviour; that they are only victims when they want to be. Watch Trump attempt to tear down the ideological framework which allows people to remain on welfare and never move outside the class the Left has deemed appropriate for them. These contemptible ‘deplorables’ have had enough, as have I.

        Instead of re-iterating empty platitudes and bogus refulgences do some in depth reading about the way things really are and start to think for yourselves.

        • many people are actual victims, choice doesn’t enter into it – victims of drunk drivers, victims of robbery, victims of rape and murder… This is self evident and your self involved egotism (seeing victims as a threat to your desire to be the center of everything, to your desire to owe no one a helping hand or sympathy) is the problem, not social welfare safety nets (which were put in place after the depression and the obvious problem of the lack of them – starvation, malnutrition, destitution…). The sledgehammer should be applied to your dim world view

          • It’s what the Left does so well…bleat, emote, cry, throw toys from cots, call names to those they don’t agree with, witch-hunt (we’re coming to get you if you disagree!!) and encourage snowflaking.

            Obama’s farewell speech; what a horrendous embarrassment. No runs on the board but doesn’t this guy just love the sound of his own voice. In fact, I cannot remember a President who was so enamoured with himself. He reminded me of Rev. Billy Graham, without the personality. Axioms, bogus refulgences, statement of the bleedin’ obvious, false tears…the whole catastrophe.

            Thank God the Obama horror is over.

        • Looking down from on high at the ‘deplorables’ and speaking in condescending tones about how we should all follow the ‘morality’ of the Hollywood snake pit. Absolutely priceless.

      • Actually, most actors made a remark against Trump and none for him. Meryl Streep was fabulous, saying everything beautifully without ever pronouncing his name. She’s really the greatest actress alive.

      • I do not like or support Trump, but would also be pleased to be spared the histrionics of overpaid over-privileged luvvies parading their virtue for our admiration. Didn’t prove a great help for Clinton either,

    • The remarkable thing about Meryl Streep’s speech is that there was nothing leftist, elitist or political about it: It was about fundamental human decency. She didn’t lobby for abortion rights, transgender bathroom issues, or tax cuts for the rich (or welfare for the poor); she criticized a powerful and prominent man for mocking a man with a disability, an ion that because of his prominence is making others feel safe in doing the same.

      Aren’t we all, regardless of political persuasion, supposed to call people out who engage in bad behavior, and not just stand by and watch it happen?

      • Macrov: beautifully, accurately and wisely stated – thank you. The problem with those such as “Holly Golightly” is that they don’t really care much about such absurd little details as facts, truth and reality. And there’s a blatant, proud betrayal of classic Dunning Kruger behavior in her diatribes. As well as a sad delight in blindly bludgeoning away at any perceived indignities a la Trump, with the superior air that presupposes that anyone who DOESN’T share her viewpoint needs to do more reading and research. Funny that Holly insists in restating her objection to Trump while praising his non-surgical tactics – all the while adopting the nom de plume of a character created by a writer who in all likelihood: would have despised them both.

        • As the mother of 5 adult children I care very much about morality and that’s why I don’t take my cue about what to do, say or think from the herd in the bien pensant; the ‘all care, no responsibility’ crowd of hysterial climate catastrophists and responsible in large part for the huge social divisions we now have:

          Traditional families
          Homosexual families
          Trigger warnings
          Safe spaces
          Censuring and repression of speech
          ….on and on and on it goes.

          ….these are all the creations of the Left. Before that we had ONE nation united, all of us, under the one flag. Now the culture is atomized and parsed according to which interest group you identify with. And we can’t speak if we don’t belong to that group. Crippling idiocy from the not very bright. Well, I feel a change comin’ on!!

          Do some thinking for yourselves, for God’s sake (though I hold out no hope).

          • Holly, you forgot to include one more descriptive, very relevant word on your list:


            (hint: that’s you)

            I’d say there’s a greater likelihood that Malaria Trump is a man in drag than you are an actual thinking human being not on someone’s payroll.

          • And there we have MORE bizarre ranting. First, I am a father – does that make me, or you as a mother: the one or the better than the other? And THEN you paint with an immense paintbrush: making inane assumptions about (presumably) ANYONE who is not: you. “hysterial climate catastrophists”? Really? And your inference that – again, anyone/everyone who is NOT you is somehow responsible for all those “huge social divisions” when the man you dislike and yet admire for his HAMMERING: is absolutely responsible for creating MORE chasms, and for attacking – as you seem intent upon doing: those who aren’t you. Who don’t think as you do. I can only comment based upon what you’ve written; I will not make inferences beyond that. Which unfortunately, is what you’re wildly doing, willy-nilly. And I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but I am absolutely gob-smacked by the fact you then have the audacity (unless you’re REALLY creating deliberate farce here) to describe others as “Crippling idiocy from the not very bright.” Let me simply say this: you have your impressions of the world in which you live. If they do not agree with what you see around you, perhaps you need to think a little more deeply, read a little more – and LISTEN rather than try to attack anything which is not: you. And that you reserve your attacks for those who are actually responsible for your clear and obvious anger.

          • Holly Golightly, what a name, why don’t you sing for Trump – suggest ‘Never Be Rude to an Arab’ from Monty Python’s Flying Circus….

          • You are so correct, people have lost the ability to think for themselves. We should all be concerned with the lowering of moral standards to gutter level especially if one has children. We could start by banning gay marriage and the promotion of homosexuality in the media especially infants in schools, how about promoting high moral standards instead!! I’m not interested what these people do behind closed doors, but I object to being almost forced to eat humble pie by those who have unequal rights, to silence anyone that objects to being gagged, and made to feel guilty for believing in free speech, and all the ridiculous and pathetic name calling, and the flack that goes with it. So I would urge all those small minded people to grow up and get real.

          • I see all the slimy pc pathetic small minded trash are jumping on the anti H/G band wagon. When anyone tells the truth these cretures wake up out of their slumber to silence those that want to change the crime ridden cesspit we now find ourselves in. The phrase we are living in the 21st century and we have moved on is a lie, there are dreadful things happening today which were unheard off when I was a kid.

          • @Holly Golightly:

            Translation: you want American to be white and straight, and everyone else should know their place.

            How cis-white supremacist of you.

    • Sledgehammer to the left. That’s how he’s going to bring us together, right?

      Given the reports coming out of Russia, we’re beginning to see why Putin wanted him to win. BLACKMAIL TIME!

      • I wouldn’t bet on it. You have to have a sense of shame to be blackmailable.

        Also, it’s hard to imagine how any information — of any kind — could damage his image, credibility, or perceived integrity at this point.

      • Uh, no, it was Obama who played on social division. That’s his gorgeous little legacy. And he created the petri dish.

        From the comments above I see I’ve hit a nerve; judging by the defensive comments I’d say a lot of you have recognized yourselves. And falling for the same tired old tics like “racist”, “homophobe” etc. ad nauseum. Listen up: that’s ALL so yesterday!! People have moved on from your glib labels and social division. You are re-iterating the bleats from the sheep.

        Trump may fail, quite possibly, but it’s clear the people are exhausted by moral relativism. They want jobs, financial success and one nation – repeat ONE – UNDER one flag. Ask Clint Eastwood!

        • He probably will fail because if he drains the swamp completely the Whitehouse will be empty, unless he hangs onto the powerful Jewish lobby. The black lives matter organisation is being financed by miionair George Soros, and there is no doubt the knives are out. Don’t let the trolls on here of which there are many wear you down.

    • Welcome back:) When I saw the name Trump I guessed you would be back in action and why not! I can now kiss goodbye to all the trivia and clap trap thank goodness.

  • And here was me thinking this is a blogsite about classical music – not a forum for raving ultra right-wing propagandists!

    • I told you previously to get back on the medication, will you please do so for the benefit of right minded people who would like to see the almighty swamp drained.

      • Right-minded people: the dictionary definition of ‘bien pensant’. These ARE the swamp, with their authoritarian demands for conformity. Out they go, ladies and gentlemen, at bargain-basement prices.

    • Holly is simply expressing “diversity” of thought, not necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully, this can be permitted in a public forum. “Tolerant” people should be more “open mined” to hearing different points of view and not resorting to the “sledgehammer” themselves.

      • yet an idiot is an idiot and that she is – it’s painful but she’s got lots of idiots to froth with, they are not a 1% group. It is not illegal for her to speak, but she should learn that she shouldn’t because her views are wrong– she must have noted in life when she decides what to do, bad things usually happen and when she predicts the future she is usually wrong. In school, she was not the top 1-5% (unless her entire community was dimwitted). It is frustrating, but that is why it is better to read the NYT or Charles Dickens then the posts of her. Only an imbecile would think in the past blacks, latinos, homosexuals, new immigrants from everywhere but england or france (maybe) weren’t treated as dirt — THAT was the american way; she’s made it clear she’d like to go back to that – her soul is tarnished darker than gnawed out holes

          • But your comment is rankly assinine – and your prior post shows nasty tone (“get on your medication” – nasty and maligning the truly mentally ill)(not addressed to me, but still). Your post added nothing. But upsetting grotesquerie. Post again if you’d like the last word, it won’t change the reality.

  • I really dont understand why people like you think that you are better than everyone else. You are not, we are all equal.

    • I will try and educate you because you certainly need it.
      Firstly, you suggested Holly Goligitly take medication! although she made some valid points.
      Second, you’re comment we are all equal, try telling that to the Palestinians in Gaza.
      Thirdly, your coment I think I’m better than anyone else. I am my own person, if I was to compare myself to rapists, killers, and paedophiles then damn right I’m better, I wouldn’t won’t to be like anyone else. Everyone is blest with a brain somepeople use it some do not, so take your choice. Good bye.

  • Perhaps Madame Trump could perform the dance of the seven veils, without body stocking. She has prior experience . New York Post had pics of the fair Melanoma in the altogether several weeks back.

    • Frank, show some respect to the soon-to-be first lady, for heaven’s sake. Her name is Malaria, not Melanoma. Stop insulting well-intentioned-but-poorly-executing cancer cells!

      • Gosh, the wit of the intelligentsia! Perhaps a slot on BBC radio comedy, a humour-free zone for the self-congratulatory left

  • Looking at the atmosphere in Washington and the pre-inauguration interviews etc, it looks like the Trump party isn’t going to be spoiled by truculence.

    I had to laugh; Jon Voigt speaking pro-Trump!! That will upset his bien pensant daughter. There IS a God!!! And Alec Baldwin telling people they’ve got to “lay down” – the poor devil doesn’t know basic grammar. It’s to “lie down”, Alec. We ‘lie’ down but we ‘lay’ a table. Grammar 101.

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