Dmitry Hvorostovsky, still in hospital, resumes rehearsal

The great Russian baritone, hospitalised with pneumonia in St Petersburg on December 20, does not yet have a release date. But he is so determined to go ahead this month with a recital in Yekaterinburg that Russian sources say he is rehearsing in his hospital bed.

Hvorostovsky, 54, is receiving treatment for a brain tumour.

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  • I’m not sure about the accuracy of the sources of this story. It has been posted twice recently in a group on Facebook, and both times it has been promptly removed. One of the admins of the group is Hvorostovsky’s wife.

  • He is so wonderful, and I am sure his practicing is a joy for himself and everyone else in hospital. Pneumonia sounds terrible, all the best wishes and appreciation to him.

  • I am not sure that these reports are accurate. This story has been posted twice recently in a Facebook group and both times it has been removed by the admins, one of whom is his wife.

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