Diva Joyce is out of counter-inauguration

Diva Joyce is out of counter-inauguration


norman lebrecht

January 12, 2017

Joyce DiDonato, unwell, has withdrawn from the all-opera alternative inauguration next week.

A replacement will shortly be announced.


  • Brian says:

    Speaking of inaugurations, a fabulous concert hall was inaugurated in Hamburg yesterday. No mention of this significant event on Slipped Disc, despite Norman posting a dozen other classical news items yesterday. Weird.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    ‘Alternative inauguration’ of what?

  • Olassus says:

    Artists should stay out of politics. Avoid making grand empty gestures they lack the courage to fulfill and must invent excuses for. Focus on their art. Be good. Walk and feed Toto. Avoid sandpits. Prepare a listenable Semiramide.

  • Christopher CZAJA SAGER says:

    counter productive !
    typical US publicity stunt .Joyce needs such like a hole in the head.
    no more cry-baby Clinton tears

  • Daniel F. says:

    Perhaps her management intervened and told her it was not such a great idea after all. I wonder if there will be others to “call in sick”.

  • Marg says:

    Im surprised JDD would be involved in something like this when she has studiously avoided political statements and constantly promotes tolerance and the importance of listening. She has only ever once missed a commitment to my knowledge (when her father died) so this is a first.

    • Helen Wynn says:

      Normally I love Joyce. But I thought her performance and that of the New York Philharmonic on New Years Eve was of poor quality. Certainly not up to her high standards. I am happy to learn she will not participate in the “alternative” concert on January 20. Trump may not be everyone’s or maybe anyone’s best choice for President but I do like many of his polices such as reduction in corporate tax rates, improving on the ACA, stronger border security and a conservative to replace the late Scalia and considering America first.

      • Cyril Blair says:

        If you think anything Trump and the Republicans come up with will be “improving on the ACA,” I’m afraid you have been sold a pile of caca. People will lose their health insurance coverage if the Republicans “improve” on it. You can take it to the bank, Helen. Now if that is something you want to happen, just say so. But please don’t pretend that will be an “improvement.”

        • M2N2K says:

          It might be if they approach it the right way. Millions of US residents (including undocumented) without any health insurance have been receiving absolutely free medical care in this country for decades. Several years before “ACA”, a person whom I happen to know personally went to a nearest free clinic just for checkup and as a result her life was literally saved because they discovered her cancer just in time and then treated it successfully — and she is still alive today, only thanks to this invaluable help. Throughout her entire battery of tests and treatments at that free clinic, she was never asked to prove either her legal status or her financial need, and she never had to pay a single penny. It seems much too charitable for my taste, but this is the way it was. So, having insurance is not necessarily a solution. In fact, basing the entire health care on insurance coverage may be the biggest problem.

      • jansumi says:

        Agree re the New Year’s concert. Oh well. She wasn’t terrifically prepared, no doubt exhausted & definitely a gear-switch from what she’s been doing. A misstep, probably an agreement made ages before that she had to honour. Too bad. Hope she recovers quickly and gets a much-needed good rest.

  • jansumi says:

    Oh my. The pace she’s been going I actually worried about her health. Just saw her incredible concert in Vancouver in Nov. I hope she takes care of herself. For our sake as well as her own, such a beautiful light she is.

  • Holly Golightly says:

    “Counter Inauguration”. So sad. So politically correct. So completely out of touch. Bring in the kittens and Play Doh.