David Attenborough: Why music can move us to tears

Two extraordinary reflections from the great natural historian:

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  • Very true testimony. That JSB can ‘speak’ to us over an abyss of centuries, is also partly due to acculturation, but that is only the channel through which the music has been able to travel.

    No doubt, after a couple of centuries acute listeners will perfectly understand another message, of quite another kind:


    • If, following this logic, music can speak to us what the devil is avant garde sonic art trying to convey? I’d really like to know.

      • In case there is still a musical world in the future, people will be shocked about the lack of understanding of the emergence of a new art form by its own makers, and about the naivety of its advocates. At least, that is to be hoped – if not so, that would mean there won’t be a musical world any longer and no longer a JSB.

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