Conductor, 35, publishes his life with Mozart

A tiny bit premature?

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  • It doesn’t say ‘My Life with Mozart’. He is fully entitled to write about his ‘Moments with Mozart’ – it ought to be more interesting than yours or mine.

    • Since 1998 I am contemplating my final book on Stockhausen and Boulez entitled: “My Moments in Exquisite Pain” but Sally is against it.

    • I assume Norman is not referring to the title of the book, but rather the publicity materials which shed light on its content. The publisher’s description states: “With power and imagination, the author tells of how he experienced anew these two unconventional free spirits [Mozart and Da Ponte] and how they have provoked him to reflect on own life”. There is also an extract from the book in which the author talks about his personal “journey into Mozart’s world”.

      Whether the book is worth reading, I couldn’t say one way or the other.

  • OMW lost out to Mirga in a play-off over two public concerts in Birmingham. The clapometer registered more votes for Mirga. Coincidentally, he is guesting with the CBSO next Thursday (Bruckner 7!)

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