CAMI evicts another boss

CAMI evicts another boss


norman lebrecht

January 04, 2017

This time there was no-one being hustled to the door gagged by lawyers, as there was with Andrew S. Grossman.


Margaret Selby, president of Cami Spectrum and a company veteran for 20 years, was quietly terminated over the holiday break. All references have been removed from the website. She never existed. A curt press release was issued after business hours on Christmas Eve. No reason was given.

Selby was in charge of dance at the mega-agency, representing many choreographers, among them Jessica Lang, Moses Pendleton and Alonzo King. She was a personal protégée of the late Ronald Wilford and she ran her part of the business behind closed doors. Like Grossman, she made good money but not many friends.


Further departures are expected. It looks like the world’s biggest classical agency is reinventing itself as a boutique.



  • Nick says:

    It was once the largest agency. Surely after its move round the corner from 57th Street it lost that distinction. But I wonder which one now justifies such a claim.

  • Ed says:

    By the look of it it is Ms Selby who has reinvented herself as a boutique:

  • Jesse says:

    It’s a sinking ship anyway, the only smart people are the ones moving on and getting out!

  • A says:

    Margaret Selby is well-respected by her former colleagues at CAMI and throughout the industry. She will do very well on her own, not least because she has enough friends who wish her every success. On what evidence do you base your claim that she was “terminated” or “evicted”?

  • Tyler says:

    Andras, I wish her the best as well but your claim is inaccurate.