Breaking: Jonas Kaufmann announces his comeback

Breaking: Jonas Kaufmann announces his comeback


norman lebrecht

January 02, 2017

The German tenor tells Corriere della Sera today that he is ready to return to singing after a four-month break caused by bleeding on his vocal cords.

He expects to appear as Lohengrin in Paris on January 18.

‘It was really tough,’ he says. ‘I love to sing and never before have I been forced to such a long break. It was not easy, but what else could I do? I tried to be patient and do what the doctor prescribed. And ignore the gossip going around about my health…. Christa Ludwig, the great mezzo-soprano, had the same problem. She warned me: Jonas, do not come back to sing before the swelling has completely subsided.’

Full interview here.


  • Wai Kit leung says:

    I wish Mr. Kaufmann a healthy and successful 2017!

  • Max Grimm says:

    Nothing “breaking” about this. He announced his comeback, as Lohengrin in Paris, in mid December in an NDR talk show.änger-Jonas-Kaufmann/NDR-Fernsehen/Video?bcastId=16409712&documentId=39552510

    • norman lebrecht says:

      And has cancelled further performances after that announcement.

      • Angel Konnari says:

        NO he had already announced all canelings.

      • Waltraud Becker says:

        He had cancelled the opening of Elbphilharmnie one or two days before the talkshow. Mrs. Schöneberger asked him about that and he spoke about the “heavy part” of the world premiered composition by Wolfgang Rihm and his decision to start again in a more “traditional” way. This wooud be Lohengrin in Paris.
        Short before Christmas Anja Harteros also jumped out of Hamburgs big night; they did not announce her reason…….

      • Max Grimm says:

        No. The cancellation of his last 2016 date (12th of Dec. in Monte Carlo) you reported on the 9th. The only scheduled performance between Monte Carlo and Lohengrin in Paris would have been the Elbphilharmonie opening on January 11-12, he cancelled that on the 14th of December.
        The NDR show to which I linked was recorded on December 16 and during the course of the interview, he announces his comeback as Lohengrin in Paris starting January 18th.

        • Olassus says:

          Bavarian State Opera – Dec. 31.

          … company ended up with no star for Orlofsky’s party in Die Fledermaus and improvised an impersonation of Angela Merkel singing Rossini’s La calunnia è un venticello as her New Year’s address.

        • Daphne Lewis says:

          Stop going back and forth about when he cancelled. Who the hell cares so long he has recovered and is ready to sing again!

          • Sue says:

            Totally agree. He’s wonderful; I’ve seen him in the Musikverein with Thielemann in 2015.

  • AMetFan says:

    Why all this continuing “See, Norman, you’re wrong again” nonsense? It’s getting very old and very tiring. 2016 was the year for children. Let’s have 2017 for the adults.

  • Kris says:

    2016 was a terrible year for so many, hoping 2017 will be a great year for the greatest tenor

    • john smith says:

      Best tenor…well, I’m sorry for you if that’s how you feel. You haven’t been exposed to much – or many!

  • Marg says:

    Im pleased to hear he feels ready for singing again. I hope he is indeed fully recovered and I look forward to his Australian visit later in the year.

  • Jackyt says:

    Good news to start the New Year! Thank you for this, Norman Lebrecht, and for your always fascinating, occasionally contentious, daily classical music updates. Long may you continue!

  • Helen Dutton says:

    I am sick of people being sniffy about Jonas Kaufmann( John Smith). Why can’t you just wish him well. He is a wonderful singer. Have you heard him live? I have and he was amazing, quite beautiful.

  • Gabriele Korn says:

    Dear Mr.Kaufmann! My deepest appriciation for your voice and artistic work! Your voice is your gold, do not spend it too quickly, you may sing a long long time in your life, so make sure your voice is absolutely fit. I am sure you are doing everything right, all the best!

  • Jean E Gress says:

    Julie Andrews had a glorious voice and totally lost her ability to sing. As tempting as it is to return, your vocal chords are giving you a message you must listen to. No one is going to forget you in a few months, but going back too soon and having to cancel does you far more harm. You have a great voice, acting ability, and good looks-the whole package. Be patient.