A diva goes to Sing Sing

NBC’s Today ran a five-minute segment on Joyce DiDonato’s work with longterm prisoners.

Watch. Feed the hope.


Joyce says: ‘I consider this to be some of the most significant work I have ever taken part in. Please share this with anyone who questions the power of music (and yes, opera) to transform lives.’

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  • Is it actually impossible for the photos on this website to be cropped so that one sees the artist’s face rather than his or her chest? The photo on the main page does not even seem to appear in the article, so I am only guessing that it is a picture of Joyce DiDonato, although her hair looks rather different these days. Believe it or not, I would recognise Joyce by her face rather than by her hair, chin, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, bust, waist, or hips. I know that the usual excuse given is that the photos are cropped automatically, but surely some human intervention is possible to ensure that the focus is on the face.

  • Wow, that was so moving. Thank you for posting it. We need some inspirational stories in our news pages, that’s for sure.

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