Update: André Rieu calls off UK Xmas tour after musician is hospitalised

Update: André Rieu calls off UK Xmas tour after musician is hospitalised


norman lebrecht

December 19, 2016

The Dutch violinist-entrepreneur has cancelled Christmas-week concerts in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow after a long-serving musician in his orchestra suffered a heart attack. The musician remains in hospital in a critical condition.

André Rieu Productions has posted:


Following the postponement of his Nottingham show on Saturday it is with great regret that André Rieu is forced to postpone the remaining shows on his UK Arena tour as well. A musician, who has been with the Orchestra for more than 20 years, suffered a severe heart attack on Saturday. Unfortunately his condition remains critical.

A statement from André Rieu:


“It is with deep regret that I have decided to also postpone my concerts in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. This should have been the most wonderful time of the year, and we were looking forward to bringing joy and happiness to all of you, our beloved audience. But many of my orchestra members have been with me for more than 25 years. We are a family. We are deeply saddened by this tragic event and it is impossible for us to continue our tour as planned. Thank you all so much for your understanding in this difficult moment. Our hearts and thoughts are now with our colleague and his family.”

New rescheduled dates will be announced asap. Customers are advised to retain their ticket for the rescheduled show as all tickets will remain valid for the new dates.

In the unfortunate event that customers are unable to attend the rescheduled date, full refunds will be available from point of sale.

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  • Anne-marie Crowther says:

    So sad especially at this time of year. My thoughts go out to you all. Wishing you all the very best and a speedy recovery….much love Anne.

    • Stephanie , Thraves says:

      OMG i do hope he will be ok , my love and prayers go out to him and his family ,

    • CHRIS TROAK says:

      Having been advised this morning that the much anticipated London concert tomorrow has been cancelled, I was firstly really disappointed, now I know the reason why and am so very very, sorry to hear this news.
      When you attend an Andre concert you feel like part of his family so I can only imagine how they must all be feeling.
      My thoughts are with the musician concerned, speedy recovery. And for everyone else keep positive.
      Much Love

  • Jean Harding says:

    We are part of the family too. We are the greatest part, the general public. We are the ones that follow you, every month, every year around the world. We are very sorry for the poor chap who has been taken ill but why such secretcy ! How can we wish him better when we do not know his name or where he is, or where you all are. Have you gone home – there is no update.
    The reports coming through at around 10p.m. last night, were first on the Movies sight of the cancellation of the u.k. tour. Not until after this did this appear on your web site. Very poor.i
    Unlike the famous Windmill – We never close – The show must go on.

    Greatly disappointed

    • Cathie says:

      Having just lost my eldest daughter at the age of 56 years, to an unexpected heart attack, you don’t feel like broadcasting every detail suffice to say it is bad enough when it happens no matter when. My love goes to the musician’s family and I sincerely hope for a speedy recovery. Andre and his music and orchestra have kept me sane over the last year whilst I also care for my sick husband so please, don’t criticise, just wish for a speedy recovery and appreciate life.

    • Anne McGinty says:

      Perhaps his family want privacy. The only update I would like to see is if he/she is able to return home for Christmas

    • Ashley says:

      What a stupid comment! I hope this kind of thing never happens to you! [redacted]

    • Lee says:

      Wow. Are you for real.

    • D says:

      totally callous statement shame on you Friends must come first at a time like this

    • Janet Vrana says:

      Andre and his Orchestra are family. When family is ill or hurt, you stand by them.
      Their beautiful music comes from their joy of playing for all of us. How can they have that joy if one of their family is in a critical condition. Also, why do we need to know all the details ? Do you tell the world your personal information ? They need to stay by their friend and family member and not worry about anything else. True fans that love their music will understand.

    • Pauline Smith says:

      How selfish you sound if a member of your family was so ill could you honestly say you could go on stage and make people sing and laugh!!! please enjoy your health

      and to Andre I say my familys deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and his family

  • Diane Haynes says:

    Our love and prayers to all in the JSO especially the family of the patient , remember music heals, your music helped my husband after his heart attack, God bless you all, X

  • pamela dudley says:

    Our love and thoughts are with you all especially the poor persons family. We only found out today that the tour is cancelled and though we were going today as a present from our daughter and are disappointed we can understand why. God bless you all. Pam .

  • Aldo says:

    I am sorry for sad news. I hope the person will recover. I am a bit worried as usually orchestras never stop the show.

    I was supposed to go to the concert in London this evening. Some of my family members came in from abroad this weekend just for this concert.

  • Martin says:

    I hope the musician recovers. However, Mr Rieu, you have made the wrong call. Cancelling the events will not make him better and is a disproportionate response to what most people go through in their lives and simply have to get on with things. There is absolutely no way I would get time off work if a good friend was critically ill or even died.
    Where do you draw the line and at which point do you consider the thousands that are being let down, let alone those that will never get to see you because of this decision.
    Life goes on and professionals would know that the show must go on.

    • Ted says:

      It is sad that you have no respect,..So, he (Andre Rieu) should kill himself for your pleasure and satisfaction… I can’t imaging watch and listen his orchestra without him on front… Just pray for him for fast recovery…

    • Mike says:

      Whilst I am sorry for the member of the orchestra, I have to agree with you. To cancel ALL of the remaining UK concerts seems disproportionate. This is going to affect thousands of fans who have booked far in advance – in our case, as a ‘Christmas present’ to each other. We paid a great deal of money ‘over the odds’ for our tickets (supplied by Double8 Tickets) as they add a large ‘mark up’ and we are / were right at the front of the NEC concert. I am told by Double8 that they will refund our tickets, but only at the ‘face value’ – so we shall lose around £95.00. Then there are the thousands who have already paid for hotel accommodation (luckily, we could cancel without charge); this really is going to hit a great deal of people who have made extensive plans for the concerts. If Mr Rieu himself was taken ill, I could understand it. But to cancel for one member of the orchestra, when there are so many involved, is disproportionate. The Show Must Go On?

      • John says:

        Something is missing here; specifically insight into the dynamics of the situation within his ensemble that led to his decision. But that won’t keep the Slipped Disc second-guessers from their carping about things they know nothing about.

      • Mike says:

        ….and, in addition to what I wrote earlier, I have now contacted Double8 Tickets. They supplied us with these (at vastly inflated prices but, nowadays, this is simply the only method you can obtain tickets) and they are REFUSING to refund the tickets, until Mr. Rieu advises when the replacement concert will be. Even then, they have not yet decided their ‘policy’ on how much they will refund, if you are unable to attend – it could well be the ‘face value’ of the tickets, which will result in a substantial loss. At this time, I am £300.00 down with no concert to go to, no information as to when the replacement concert will be (or where?) and a supplier who is refuting the statement that a ‘full refund’ will be available.

        • LornaM says:

          Mike – I sympathise. These things happen and I am so sorry for the trombonist but like you we want a refund because it won’t be a ‘Christmas’ Concert when it is rescheduled (even assuming that we are able to attend which is quite doubtful) and that was what we pushed the boat out for – A Christmas Concert 2 days before Christmas – yet if we cancel we too will lose the ‘service’ charge on the tickets, so not a ‘full refund’

          And no – I am not being heartless, or selfish, or lacking in compassion just because I want to recover a considerable expenditure on something that I didn’t get. You wouldn’t accept losing money on an order you placed online or in store, which you paid for and then were told you couldn’t have it through no fault of your own – but you would only get some of your money back

          • Mike says:

            Well I have called Double8 Tickets several times, they simply hang up the ‘phone if you ask for a refund. This means they are breaching your rights under the Consumer Rights Act. So instead of mucking about, I have contacted my credit card company and requested, under the rights attributed by the Consumer Credit Act, to arrange a ‘charge-back’ on my credit card and thereby attain a full refund. People put up with the unfair terms and conditions from companies such as TicketMaster and Double8 as they are unaware of their rights; if you know them, you can get your money back – there is no reason you should be financially worse-off through no fault of your own. Once again, I reiterate that I am sorry a member of the Orchestra has had a medical emergency, however I understand that he is now well enough to be taken out of critical care and has been transferred to a hospital back in Maastricht – so why the cancellations? Back in 1999, my father died from a heart condition. The next day I was back at work – I didn’t want to be there, but I would be letting down my customers who relied on my services for their own work. The show must go on, as they say…

    • Susan says:

      I totally agree

    • Janet Vrana says:

      I guess this is where we see the true fans that follow the orchestra and their music. Anyone who really follows the orchestra understands that this is a family up there. When 1 is down, it effects,all. Every member of the orchestra is important and makes the whole experience that you feel when you are at their concert. Their jobs are not like the average workers . They bring joy to the world with their music. Not just Andre, but him and his orchestra together. How can we expect any of them to bring that joy when they are going through such pain and worry.
      It’s not like they are sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard. What they do requires emotions. To create what they do requires the emotional attachments and happiness that they bring each other.
      I feel bad for the people who don’t have anyone in their lives that are more of a value to them than a paycheck. I commend them for sticking by their family member in his or her time if need.

      • Mike says:

        When ‘Gladiator’ the film was being made, Oliver Reed died. They continued with the filming, they used alternatives to portray his character and they finished the job. Are you suggesting that, in any profession, when someone is taken ill or even dies, that the entire production / workload / responsibility should be halted? Mr Rieu has a responsibility to his Orchestra, however he also has a responsibility to the thousands who have paid out their money for his concerts. With a bit of luck, if you cannot attend the ‘revised’ dates, you would get your money (paid for the tickets) back. But many will lose quite substantial sums on hotels they can not cancel (too late under their cancellation policy) or travel arrangements made. And as I have stated elsewhere; at the moment, the ‘official’ ticket providers are refusing to refund the money.

    • Jacqueline Hawkins says:

      Well said Martin, many people have incurred vast amounts of money to attend the concerts…money which will not be reimbursed! As you say, cancelling the whole tour will not improve the musicians health, and Mr Rieu owes it to his fans to soldier on. People are talking as if the poor man has died. I’m sure he would have wanted the show to go on!

      • Kehlan says:

        For the record, he HAS died. So sorry so many of you have lost money, youre alive and healthy, thats more than this poor person is. Enjoy your complaining.

        • Pam says:

          What an strange collection of responses we have here. I agree in any normal situation the show would and should probably go on. But here is where the Johann Strauss Orchestra and Andre Rieu is far from normal. They are collectively amazingly different. These musicians travel together month in and month out, many are actually married to each other. It’s not your local philharmonic orchestra you hear performing. These musicians are hand picked by Andre himself to inspire the everyday person to have access to classical music. Having fun with music is the aim of their concerts. They are without doubt a big family. Also, lets not forget they were on tour, away from home and the other members of their family and their children. How would that look if Andre Rieu had left that poor man in a hospital in another country with his family not knowing what was happening to carry on a concert knowing he was so ill. Don’t forget, He was in a coma from very early on after the heart attack. They obviously had some information which indicated the prognosis was not good. Well if Andre Rieu hadn’t been concerned enough to cancel the shows then I for one would have questioned his integrity as to the notion of the ‘happy family’ story. As it is he did make the correct choice for the musicians the family and his very ill trombonist. God bless Ruud’s wife Lin, his children Oscar and Lisa and every member of the JSO and their families at this tragic but magical time of the year. RIP Ruud

  • Thomas says:

    I agree completely with Martin’s comments. What happened to “the show must go on” tradition?. While I feel for the musician and his family does Andre Rieu understand the disruption and disappointment he has brought at this time of year to his many fans, not forgetting the cost of cancelled hotel rooms (without refunds), cancelled restaurant reservations and taxis. Regardless of when he reschedules the concerts I doubt we would be able to attend and not even sure if we would want to. Hope sincerely that the musician makes a full recovery.

    • Ruth says:

      Absolutely agree. Andre Rieu is the star of the show not members of his orchestra.I hope the musician recovers soon but it’s a big orchestra. Like many others I paid over the odds for good tickets, was going to London especially for the event and since I live abroad will probably not be able to go the postponed concert. Which will be when? Mr Rieu has a very tight schedule.

  • Sharon Pascual says:

    Sending love and healing thoughts to Andre’s stricken Orchestra Member.

    It is sad to see a post criticising his decision to cancel the concerts. I am totally gutted that I can’t attend the concert tomorrow night (19th) at Wembley, but it has not crossed my mind for a minute to moan about the cancellation. It has just left me feeling very sad for the family members of the musician and for Andre and JSO.

    My thoughts are with them all and I look forward to attending the rescheduled concert in the future.

    With best wishes xx

    • Paul Bell says:

      Very well said Sharon. Nice to see someone with a bit of compassion for those involved. Hope you enjoy the rescheduled event with Andre and his orchestra – with ALL its members.

    • Mike says:

      Whilst I applaud the sentiments about wishing the sick individual a speedy recovery, I still believe this is excessive. I don’t know if we shall be able to attend the ‘rescheduled’ concerts as there is no timescale given. The tickets were a joint Christmas present for my wife and I – we bought these as a gift to each other as we wanted to attend a ‘Christmas’ concert. Unfortunately, the only method of obtaining tickets is via the likes of Double8 / Ticketmaster and they add a considerable mark-up, which we lose if we cancel and ask for a refund. As for the comments that people may as well go to the hotel they have booked anyway – exactly why would you want to spend a large amount of money to stay in a hotel at the NEC in Birmingham, when there is no show to go to? Our accommodation cost us £191.00 including car parking. This cancellation has affected thousands of people, some of whom have paid large sums to get here from abroad. The hotels will lose hundreds of thousands, never mind the restaurants and local transport. Even the rest of the orchestra are unlikely to be paid for their cancelled performances. I just find this totally disproportionate – people get sick, we all wish them a speedy recovery but you don’t cancel EVERYTHING because of it! If a member of a football team was taken into hospital, would the FA call off the cup final?

  • Francis Harris says:

    Disgusted by some of the comments put on this site,do these minority of people have no hearts. Well done Andre,good call. My family were due to go on Thursday, disappointed but none have disagreed with the decision Andre has made. Get well soon and hurry back.

  • Linda Whatman says:

    We hope and pray for the member who has suffered a heart attack and wish him and his family all the best for his recovery.
    It is a difficult time for all of you in the orchestra and on production and staff, and hope that you may rest and keep well and safe over the Christmas and New Year.
    understand fully.
    It is always sad to see the criticism levelled at the cancellation, obviously this man does not have a heart, the Andre Rieu orchestra are a family, a rare thing to find these days.
    love & best wishes from your friends and supporters in Dorset…

    • Una says:

      It is not about not having any ‘heart’, it’s about professionalism and letting people down badly, and knowing why you are performing in the first place. Without an audience, we professional singers and players become totally irrelevant. We are there as instruments to convey the music of master composers to an audience. This goes on all the time and it doesn’t mean that just because the show goes on that no one cares. Far from it. Everyone cares about a musician having a heart attack or a bereavement or whatever – I am more than sad to hear this news but to cancel the whole tour? I don’t think so. And then where do you stop cancelling? There are many orchestras, opera companies and whatever in this country. Some have been members for as much as forty years in some of our orchestras – thirty in some opera choruses, but heartless, no. And I don’t think Martin and Thomas or anyone on here is being heartless either. It is about the proportionality of it all – the show should go on.

      • Aldo says:

        Thank you UNA. You put the right words on my feelings.

        • Fran says:

          We also were and is also saddened to hear about the musician who had become unwell and disappointed that the show had to be cancelled . The show must go on, unless it was the man himself Andre who became ill then that is quite understandable,. So to stop all the gossip and ill feelings the Management should come clean and tell the fans that Andre is well /not.

      • Elaine says:

        I agree with you Una.
        My Aunt has been an Andre Rieu fan for many years but is not able to travel any distance to one of his concerts.
        When we saw there was a show on in Nottingham four after her 90th birthday my husband and I Knew this would be the highlight to her birthday celebrations.
        For this to be cancelled on the day was so disappointing for her and she just cannot understand how Mr Rieu could be so selfish as to let his fans down.
        Our hearts go out to the orchestra member and his family but Andre Rieu should also think of the financial loss for fans who have travlled hundreds of miles to see him perform.
        I myself have lost some of my respect for him. HE would not be where he is today without the fans!

      • John says:

        Oh Una, get over it!
        Unless you had tickets to one of these concerts, you’re just blathering your opinion about something that simply doesn’t matter to you otherwise.
        Get a life.

  • Clare says:

    It is sad to see that people cannot understand the decision that has been taken. The members spend most of their time/ lives together and for something like this to have happened it will affect all of them.
    We travelled from the Isle of Wight to Nottingham on Saturday to watch them as a Xmas present for my mum and dad and only found out once we checked in to our hotel. They were disappointed, but at no point did they not understand or disagree with the decision taken, as they have been avid followers for years and know that the members are all one big family.
    We all send our best wishes to the member and his family who suffered the heart attack and wish him all the best for his recovery.

  • Bronwen says:

    Your followers are also your family. 3 years ago on 24 Dec my dad suffered a heat attack, and went on to have a quadruple bypass (now recovered). Did we still have to do Christmas? Yes we did. We had to do it for the sake of our children. My dad would have been more upset if we did not go ahead with Xmas.
    I know it would have been a more courageous decision to have not stopped the shows. Your family (followers) would have enveloped you and given you the strength and courage to keep going.
    I do most certainly wish your musician a speedy recovery and wish them well again, and my love goes out to them, I’m also certain they would have wanted the show to go on.
    We do feel what you are feeling, but am so disappointed that the chance for us to share and support what you are feeling was taken away from us in an instance.

  • Robert Caven says:

    Whilst understanding the “family” of the Rieu musicians it would appear to be a massive reaction to cancel the whole tour. What has happened to the legend that the show must go on.

  • kevin john says:

    I am not getting into this should he or should he not argument. I just want to wish the orchestra member a speedy recovery and hope he is home for Christmas with his family. And may he soon be back on stage with his musical family..

  • Father kevin says:

    One says I am absolutely disgusted by some of the comments on this page,so you have lost out oh dear
    Forget it and think of someone else for a change,not how much money you have lost or that missed out on the show
    You have got your lives to enjoy it again when it is rescheduled.
    ,that orchestra member possibly has not
    For now stop being selfish and concentrate on this gentleman
    And his health and hope and pray to God he gets better

  • Bruce says:

    Noel Coward: Why Must The Show Go On?


  • LornaM says:

    I am so so sorry for the musician who has suffered such a severe heart attack and I can totally understand the cancellation of the Nottingham Event on the day it happened, but I am really, really struggling to try and understand why the rest of the Christmas week shows have been cancelled. It isn’t just about people being disappointed, it is the personal cost to many people who will have travelled to any of the venues, have non-refundable hotel bookings or non-refundable travel tickets. That is usually why ‘the show must go on’ and I am not heartless, but I really am struggling to understand this decision. The tickets for this cost a lot of money and we decided to splash out as part of our Christmas celebrations and because we were both free to go. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to attend a rescheduled event. A quick look at the tour calendar makes it clear that January and February are well filled for the Orchestra already – and a Christmas tour in March, April or later doesn’t really do it

  • pauline says:

    Disappointed not to be going to the concert tomorrow, but i completely understand why it has been cancelled. All good wishes to the poor person taken ill and to their family. Lets look forward to attending in the New Year when hopefully the sick person is fully recovered. We can still enjoy our Christmas but, will their family???

  • Louis says:

    I am shocked and I feel let down by Andre, for cancelling the first live show of his I was going to attend, after many years of following his shows in cinemas and theatres.
    It is really a tragedy what happened to the member of the JSO and I pray to the Lord for him to recover, but real professional artists play in any circumstances, and do not let down their audience.
    After all, we took time of from work, booked hotel rooms, parking, invited friends from abroad, and nothing is refundable.
    So, my once unlimited esteem for these artists and their conductor has taken a deep plunge into abyss. They should have played even with Andre in hospital, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” nobody is irreplaceable. I work in an engineering aerospace company and I can’t imagine the company stopping and letting down customers if me, other employee, or the General manager has a hart attack.
    I think I will ask for a refund and not attend the show at any date will it be rescheduled.

  • Mrs Eve Gillan says:

    Although I am bitterly disappointed and have cried for most of the day, I can understand why Andre felt it necessary to cancel his tour. Having booked three tickets at a cost of £600 in July I only hope that as I have had three mini strokes myself I will be fit enough to go when his tour is rescheduled. Despite all of that I wish the musician a speedy recovery and hope he is soon back with his family. I wish Andre and all of his magnificent orchestra a Merry Christmas and hope to see them all in the new year.

  • Eve says:

    I am really disappointed that tonights show has been cancelled. My thoughts go out to the musicians family. But. I buried my mother last Saturday, and was looking forward to this concert for a moment of enjoyment, especially as my dear daughter died a few years ago. Think on Andre. We all have pain and heartache in our lives. Would your musician want the show to go on? I think the answer may be YES. God bless xx

  • Mandy says:

    Was a xmas gift for me and my partner first time would have seen him and the orchestra never mind just will have to wait, hope the member of the orchestra gets well soon my thoughts are with you all xx
    Mandy and Wayne xx

  • Father kevin says:

    Mr rieu you are such a gentleman,and what you have done is very very commendable
    Knowing how much money the cancelling of the tour has probably cost you
    Ignore the people who are criticising you,they are just sour grapes
    You have absolutely done the right thing
    Good for you
    Just forget everybody else think about yourself the orchestra and orchestra member
    And promise you will slow down yourself as mum and I absolutely love you and your orchestra and we wouldn’t want you or the rest of the orchestra to suffer the same fate
    To the orchestra member
    Get well soon,
    Mum and I are thinking of you

    • Mike says:

      Mr Rieu can probably afford to lose the money this is costing him. But there are thousands of fans who are now going to lose quite substantial sums (booked hotels which are now too late to cancel without having to pay), flights from abroad to attend, time taken off work and even, as with ourselves, having to pay for the cattery which is now not needed but is outside their cancellation policy.

      • LornaM says:

        Mike – Mr Rieu will be WELL Insured for this scenario and will be unlikely to lose any money at all. Unlike many of his fans.

    • Mike says:

      That’s the problem with you, ‘Father Kevin’. You seem to think your ludicrously ‘over the top’ sentiments outweigh the financial cost to THOUSANDS of fans. My Aunt has had a heart attack recently – are you going to start spouting ‘..we must support Elsa…’ to all and sundry? No? Thought not. But then your ‘heart on my sleeve’ is only available for your favoured celebrities. Otherwise, as it doesn’t affect YOU, you couldnt really care less. Sh*t happens – but you don’t put your life ‘on hold’ because of it. However, Andre was prepared to ruin the excitement for tens of thousands, because a member of staff got taken ill. Never mind the amount of money (£millions) lost on cancelled plans. This is not the actions of a professional musician. Freddy Mercury died before they released ‘Made in Heaven’. He worked tirelessly to finish his vocals as he knew he was going. Did Queen cancel their Album because he died? No, they ensured the ‘show must go on’. Strangely enough, the title of one of his last songs. That’s proffrssionall That’s commitment. It is not ruining plans of thousands.

  • Angela says:

    Andre, what can I say,except l am so sorry for the sad news of your musician, Pray God will help him get better, your music has helped me so much over these last few years, we came to see you in Birmingham in 2013 we had a simply wonderful even,one of your double bass players shook my little great-grandsons hand and he’s never forgotten it,

  • Clive haddock says:

    Of course we are all disappointed I had to finish work early and rush home but full credit to mr. rieu I’m sure it was a decision made by the whole orchestra, I willl look forward to the new dates and wish a speedy recovery to the musician in question

  • Ilona says:

    I think whoever complains about the cancellation and compares these shows with their jobs, forgets one thing: that André Rieu became so famous exactly because he brings his open heart onstage. You could go any time to a classical music concert where everybody sits still both on stage and in the audience and nobody dares to move, let alone clap “in the wrong place”. Yes, that type of concert can be done also with bleeding heart. You rely on your many years of musical studies and practice and take refuge in the music. But you won’t create that type of atmosphere, that party for which Rieu’s audience travels from afar. And they do so exactly because they feel it’s genuine. Now you ask of him to fake it? Seriously?

    I hope and pray that the sick orchestra member gets well soon and the ones “only” worried sick won’t read some of you comments…

  • Tracey richardson says:

    Ignore the heartless comments I and my friend were disappointed but put it another way we will still are looking forward to the rescheduled concert

  • Brian Billing says:

    Are we sure it is not Mr Rieu who is ill?
    Very extreme otherwise!

    • Melisande says:

      Couldn’t agree more!
      Amassed grief for a person whom is mostly not personally known.
      Again social media is reading like a soap story.
      What about the people in Syria, just to name a country where tens of thousands of innocent people are daily being killed or wounded?
      However, the musician from the Rieu orchestra is getting all the needed medical attention and hopefully this one person will survive.
      The comparison to the Marriner case is, in my view, unjust.

  • Helen Johnson says:

    I have just received a recorded message and email regarding the Glasgow concert. I have been to four concerts and cannot see how André and JSO could be expected to act all happy and bubbly when one of the ‘family’ is so ill. It never crossed my mind that the show should go ahead under such circumstances and wish the member of the orchestra, his family and his JSO family all the very best and hope he makes a full recovery.

  • Hils says:

    Very sorry for the gentleman who is ill and totally understand
    Just wished we had had more notice
    As we’re already in London when we received an email
    but I hope he gets well soon.

  • Nick P says:

    I am shocked by some peoples lack of compassion especially at Christmas time. Having lost our son very suddenly to a heart problem, we did not function normally for a long time. It was friends and family who helped and gave us time to come to terms.

    The JSO is just a big family interacting with each other – it is why they can create such an enjoyable atmosphere as well as play great music. With concern for a family member the music will be played but the “special atmosphere” will not be there – then there will be complaints from the “Show Must Go On” people that it was not up to the normal standard.

    The management did the right thing in cancelling the concerts to give the orchestra time to take in events and overcome what must be a great shock. Possibly this is a warning that the JSO members need more time for themselves if we are to enjoy their performances in the future.

    I was looking forward to being at the concert tonight but are really disappointed with some peoples understanding of the effect of a traumatic event on the whole JSO team. I look forward to the time that the orchestra is back fighting fit and ready to entertain again. They are special and need support at this time – not complaints about cost or inconvenience.

  • m murdich says:

    cannot believe the show was cancelled because one member of the orchestra was ill.Surely a replacement could have stepped in. Maybe the truth is poor ticket sales.

  • Claire says:

    Obviously I am very sad to hear that one of Andre’s orchestra has fallen very ill and send him my best wishes for a good recovery. However having spent a lot of time and money organising this as a xmas present for my 87 year old frail mum…. I am not very impressed. I took annual leave to drive 200 miles to then drive her to London. Whilst my mum understands the upset this has caused … as she said herself today…… I may not be hear or mobile enough to go when he reschedules!!! This was going to be the highlight of what has been a difficult year for her health wise. For me I have planned this for months…its difficult for me to get time off work…. so I don’t know if I can make the new date…. WHEN will that be? lots of time and money spent today getting to London and a precious day off wasted. Sorry Andre, whilst I understand this is upsetting…. you are professional! When my dad died I took 2 days off because life has to go on and people rely on me. Wembley seats 12,500 people…… that’s an audience of 25K that sold out in 2 nights that have been disappointed….. sad but wishing your orchestra member all the best…… wrong decision Andre!!!

    • Ilona says:

      I’m trying not to sound harsh here, but why didn’t you take your mother to a random classical concert? Why did it have to be precisely the Rieu concert? There are dozens of very good classical music acts everywhere. Why was your mother looking forward so much to attending precisely this one?

      Oh, it would have been the spirit of it? The show that is so unique to an André Rieu concert?

      I’m sorry to hear that you lost somebody dear to you at one point. You continued working. Of course. We all do that when it happens to us. But for example when my father died, I could wear dark dresses, I could have moist eyes all the time, nobody expected me to smile and make jokes and jump around and entertain them. How interesting, no?

      The JSO could have put on dark clothes, go on stage without a smile, play two hours of Bach, bow and leave. I am sure you and your mother would have been very happy and pleased.


      • claire says:

        My Mum particularly loves AR….. I took her last year…. She had a stroke in Oct and was just about mobile enough to make it there last year. So this year she was over the moon when I managed to get tickets. I took her to the Albert Hall in October for something else she particularly likes …… She may be old, frail and have some memory loss but she still knows what she likes and would not appreciate being taken to a ‘random’ concert!!!! Tickets bought, arrangements made with love and consideration for her as she deserves 🙂

  • Susan Clarke says:

    Firstly we would like to say our thoughts & prayers are with the very poorly musician & wish him a swift & complete recovery.
    Cancellation says everything about Andre & his JSO family. His love & passion for music that they share with audiences around the world with such happiness. How could they convey this with such sadness in their hearts. We too were due 2go 2 London 2day, but look forward to seeing the rescheduled show when hopefully we will hear that the musician has recovered well.

  • Ms Maria Flaherty says:

    Thoughts and prayers with the ill orchestra member and all of his “family” – both his actual family and his work family.
    And while so deeply disappointed by the cancellations, I cannot blame Rieu and JSO for their decision. The joy and fun in each concert comes from the amazing performance – by people who love and work together. Remaining professional is one issue, but maintaining their joy and excitement on stage during this time must be truely difficult.

  • Anne says:

    I am so sorry to hear that a member of long standing is very ill. I hope and pray that the member will soon be back playing with the wonderful Orchestra. Please pass my thoughts and prayers to Andre and indeed the member’s family. God bless you all at this very hard time for you all. I look forward very much to see a wonderful performance very soon again.

  • Barry Radley says:

    Andre has made the correct decision
    The bigots who say otherwise are just callous
    Wishing the victim a speedy recovery
    Seasons greetings to the orchestra and Andre.
    Andre I am certain your fan base will remain loyal and like brexit the complainers are in the minority

    • LornaM says:

      I think you should check the meaning of the word ‘bigot’. Not one person here who feels the show should go on has been intolerant about the opposing views of others. Not one.

  • Neil says:

    What a sad bunch of selfish Scrooges. A person lay critically ill and all you can do is moan about money and lost entertainment.

    Without passion music is mere noise. How much passion would you have experienced from an orchestra worrying about the fate of their friend. I have no doubt that the decision to cancel was a collective one. Be thankful that you did not attend a concert where the performers were just going through the motions.

    Money? Nothing compared to someone’s life. And whether you attend the concert or not any money spent on hotels etc. would still have been spent. So use your hotel bookings to have a weekend away with loved ones. Cherish their company because you never know when it will be taken from you, or you from them.

    Yes the show will go on, but at an appropriate time when either there will be joy for a person’s recovery or a suitable period of mourning will have passed.

  • Ann Woodrow says:

    Would you close down a business if a member of staff had a heart attack???? Thousands of people – thousands of pounds – non refundable travel/hotels etc. All the inconvenience not really been considered and the possibility that a large number of the ticket holders may not be able to reschedule their programmes. Sorry Andre. adore you and your music – have been to eight of your concerts – amazing, but what about the heartbreak to so many people. If you were to lose this person and I certainly hope that does not happen and that he/she makes a full recovery, but does that mean that the orchestra cannot survive. Hope this doesn’t appear to be a callous attitude, but like everybody else has said. – the show must go on.

  • C Smade says:

    Writing this morning from a hotel in Wembley Way as we have tickets for tonight.
    At 08.30 yesterday we had an email to advice tour was cancelled. Had we chosen to cancel our trip our travel insurance would have covered everything. Don’t those who grumbled have insurance?
    In the hotel last night there was a standing ovation for Andre Rieu, the orchestra and the unknown musician.
    This is a musical family Andre the father figure as a man of compassion has put them all before profit and gains.
    We have seen them before but it was a very, very special treat with a planned meeting with the JSO
    We hope the new date will suit us but all this is minor problems compared to the JSO.
    I can’t believe those who say they are fans would want to carry on laughing and singing at such a time we wouldn’t have. Shame on them all.
    The hotel took off its Christmas music and played Andre’s DVDs in support and respect last night and will do today
    Our prayers and intercessions are with the musician, his family who we guess live in Holland and the JSO and the great musician himself.

    • Aldo says:

      I don’t know of any insurance that refund concert tickets if you cancel your trip. I am always insured when I travel but the list of exclusions is very long.

  • Jean Harding says:

    It has been announced this morning that Ruud Merx the trombonist is the poor chap taken ill.
    He is to be taken home to Hospital in Maastricht today and things do not look good for him or his family.

    • LornaM says:

      Jean – do you know any more? I am surprised to see that if he is well enough to be taken home to hospital in Maastricht today the outlook for him is not good

  • Howard Mattacott says:

    A huge fan of your orchestra always looking out for New concerts or repeats on sky arts channel 121. So sad to learn one of your group has been taken I’ll. Would love to know which one it is would also be happy to send him/her a personal wish you well greeting. I do hope he/she enjoys a full recovery.

  • Ollie says:

    After waking up this morning, the morning after cancelled concert I’m not feeling as disheartened.
    I was just as upset as most of the people on here yesterday.
    The shows have NOT been cancelled they have been POSTPONED.
    Instead of criticism and negativity I feel it’s time we all get over our disappointment and try to think how Andre is feeling and JSO members.
    I will be praying today for all of them and praying that Ruud recovers from this awful heart attack.
    Ans when I finally get to see this amazing performance I sincerely hope Ruud will be back on form and performing.
    Please, it’s time to keep your opinions to yourselves and spare a thought how Andre and his family are feeling.
    Guaranteed he would have only cancelled under extreme circumstances.

  • Nick P says:

    I see comment elsewhere that it is Ruud Merx the trombonist who has been taken ill. That means amongst other things the orchestra is missing one of the classic brass “clowns” which add so much to the show with acts such as balancing a trombone on his chin. On top of that his wife almost certainly will want to be with him (and possibly with their children) – which means the JSO will also be missing a violist.
    The shock of such a major unexpected event to a relatively young person will have an impact on all in the JSO family. With respect to all who say they can carry on after a traumatic event, they are not being judged by thousands of people on how well they perform at their job. From personal experience, it is surprising how quickly word of a traumatic event can get out and how people make allowances / give you time. Please give the JSO time to support Ruud’s family and come to terms with whatever happens in the next few days.

  • Father kevin says:

    I hope all those of you who made a big deal about losing your money are satisfied
    I know who the musician is who is very poorly is now
    Just to let everybody know his condition has worsened and doctors have little or no hope he will wake up again
    So grow up and stop whining for goodness sake
    Think on this
    You can replace tour tickets

  • Barry Radley says:

    Shameful . That all the moaners lack respect and just seem to be concerned about the money they spent on booking the concert.
    Reversing the situation: if any of the moaners lost a family member or a family
    member was suddenly taken ill would they ignore the fact and celebrate in a local pub ?
    I repeat what l stated in a previous comment that the complainers are bigots.
    To the complainer who replied to my comment regarding bigots
    BIGOT – to show intolerance It was YOU who needed to learn the meaning of the word. ( LORNHAM December 20th.)

    • Bob says:

      Oh grow up. He’s a member of an orchestra and, unfortunately, some will get sick, some will get cancer and some will have a heart attack – as will many other members of the population. All this ‘we are all bent down on our knees praying for you, I’m in floods of tears’ is a bit much. The man got sick. He’s being treated in hospital. I still fail to see why this required thousands and thousands of people to have their Christmas plans ruined and for a great many of them to lose substantial sums of money. The revised concerts are going to be around March or early April. I will not be in the UK at that time so I shall have to return my tickets. Because the touts in this country (Ticketmaster / Double8, etc.) have all of these and add a massive ‘mark up’, I shall be around £100 out of pocket. Will you be sending this back to me? Nope, didn’t think so. As for your ‘bigots’ comment…seriously, grow up.

    • LornaM says:

      Em. No! A Bigot is a person who is intolerant TOWARDS THOSE HOLDING DIFFERENT OPINIONS: I think somehow that is you not me. I have no problem with others having different views on this subject! You on the other hand apparantly do.

  • Father kevin says:

    To the guy who said about cancer
    My father,grandad and grandma died of cancer as have various friends

  • Barry Radley says:

    Bob buys from ticket touts
    Lornham can’t spell
    A really depressing situation ,

    • LornaM says:

      Oh Get a Life! That is the pot calling the kettle black. You might want to get my name right if you are going to be rude – and I can spell. That was a typo apparently!

  • Barbara Steward says:

    I truly wonder if it is actually Andre’ who is ill, at times he looks exhausted.

  • Ian says:

    Self, Self, Self, some of the comments on this page are unbelievable with ‘fans’ putting money and inconvenience before somebody’s health or possibly life. Having personally had two heart attacks I know how this can affect the immediate family, and the JSO is a family. I would not have enjoyed going to a concert that would no doubt have been flat to say the least. I understand perfectly why the decision to cancel the tour was taken. I hope the musician makes a full and speedy recovery.

  • Sue says:

    Sorry for the gentleman concerned but “The Show Must go on ” !!!

  • Aldo says:

    I received an email from my tickets provider. The shows are rescheduled in March 2017 at the same venue.

    Rescheduled London Dates are:
    Monday 6th March (replaces 19/12) and Tuesday 7th March (replaces 20/12) at The SSE Arena, Wembley, London

  • elizabeth harte says:

    So so sorry to hear the news wishing the member concerned a speedy recovery my heart goes out to you all
    Much love xxxxx

  • Ken&Eileen Bacon says:

    we are praying for the orchestra member for a speedy recovery also for is family god speed

  • Father kevin says:

    I am very sorry to have to break the news,but rudd Merx died in a Maastricht hospital aged 47
    So everybody who was whining about your tickets and how much you have lost
    I hope your satisfied

  • Father kevin says:

    Prayers and thoughts to his family

  • Pamela Tyers says:

    So sorry to hear that the gentleman died. God bless to all his family and to Andre and his professional family. I should have seen them at Manchester on the 22nd and although a little disappointed I can understand their reasons and will look forward to the rescheduled concert on the 21st of March. We still stayed the 2 days in Manchester and did other things and enjoyed just being away from the stress of work and family and enjoyed a bit of us time.I lost my mum suddenly Christmas day 2014 after a days battle to stay with us. This Christmas is still going to be tough, so all you moaners wind your necks in and think yourselves lucky to have people who would remotely want to be even in your company this Christmas.

  • S Sharpe says:

    Very sorry to hear that the trombonist died. It was the correct decision to cancel/postpone the concerts as there were more important priorities. Now that the dust has settled I genuinely cannot get to the rescheduled concert in March and having bought 4 tickets am currently significantly out of pocket. Andre has stated that full refunds will be available at the point of sale. However viagogo has refused any refunds and the Rieu websites give no mechanism to contact the organisation on how they will honour the full refund promise.
    Is anyone else in the same position?