Two US strikes are ended by private donations

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians voted to go back to work last night after a $700,000 anonymous gift saved them from a deep wage cut.

We understand that a similar bequest ended the Pittsburgh Symphony strike a few days ago.

It’s the American way.

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    • An ongoing unhealthy situation. Too bad our Congress can’t increase NEA funding to the point where it is more than just window-dressing. Worse, the incoming Congress will try to gut the fund altogether. The reality show mentality will forge to the front

      • Too right. The American Way is to avoid taxation at all costs. The arts probably receives less per capita funding in the US than in any other civilised country.

        I do not see this as something to be approved of. It works across the board. Americans would rather give to the charity of THEIR choice (say, a particular hospital or health issue) and take a tax write-off for it than pay a little more tax that would secure freely-available hospital and medical care for all Americans across the board. This way the 1%, rather than an elected set of representatives, get to select what gets funded.

        It’s the American way. It’s the Trump way. And they can keep it. I prefer societies that, however imperfectly, strive to work for all, not the 1%.

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