Stephen Fry to play Goering in opera singer biopic

Stephen Fry to play Goering in opera singer biopic


norman lebrecht

December 18, 2016

Pre-production news from a British film on the fascinating life of Margery Booth, an English opera singer who stayed loyal to her roots in Nazi Germany:

Stephen Fry is down to play Hermann Goering.

Lesley Garrett will cover the singing voice of Wigan-born Margery Booth.

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  • Nigel Harris says:

    Perhaps it needs pointing out that the wonderful actor Philip Madoc has died since the he Wigan Observer article was published. Maybe he was originally down to play Goering: he had excellent German, and doubtless for that reason seems several times to have been cast as Nazis. Hope the film gets made: seems very much like a story that needs to be told.

  • frank says:

    What does it mean to say Fry is ” down to play?” Does this mean that he is willing to play? Please reply in English. Thanks.

  • Martin says:

    “A picture that was taken at Freigegeben Stalag”. Hilarious. ‘Freigegeben’ means that is was approved by the censor. Hope the producers took a liiittle more time to do proper research.

  • Brian Donohue says:

    And I hope the characters will all be performing trans-dimensional shifting, doing LSD. and moving between parallel universes in which the Axis won or lost WW2? Oh sorry, I’ve been watching Man in the High Castle all weekend, never mind. It would make a great opera, though…

  • Holly Golightly says:

    “Down” to play Goering? What, he’ll be flat on his back?