Star violinist is robbed on a flight to Moscow

Star violinist is robbed on a flight to Moscow


norman lebrecht

December 28, 2016

The Russian state news agency Tass reports that Sarah Chang, the US soloist, was robbed of valuables and luggage on a flight from Philadelphia to Moscow via London. It is not clear at which stage the theft took place.

Ms Chang has filed a police report in Moscow saying that valuables worth $12,000 had been taken from her luggage.

She is due to give a concert tomorrow at the Moscow Conservatoire.

Unusually, Ms Chang has made no mention of the incident on her very active twitter feed.


  • Scott Fields says:

    “Theft” not “Robbery.” Robbery requires force or the threat of force.

    • B.K. says:

      Indeed. Someone needs to consult a dictionary.

      • Gerhard says:

        I would be very surprised if confusion about the meaning of the words had anything to do with it. Theft in connection with air travel is common, while “robbery on a flight” is rather unheard of. So which formulation is likely to generate more clicks? SD business as usual.

  • V.Lind says:

    Wonder if she had any trouble storing her violin in the overhead cabin…

  • Alan Shimmerman says:

    I sat next to Sarah … Philly to Frankfurt.. I knew not her fame.. she was merely a very pleasant seat companion. It was only once we disembarked that she confided to me her name and her vocation. Even then, it meant absolutely nothing to me. It was when I googled her at my Frankfurt hotel that I learned of her notoriety.

    Sarah… I’m so sorry that your journey ended in such a stressful way. I hope that you recover what you lost..

    Remember Toronto.

    Safe travels