Pittsburgh Symphony cuts 10 jobs, including British general manager

Pittsburgh Symphony cuts 10 jobs, including British general manager


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2016

The strike has deepened the anticipated $1.5m deficit and cuts have to be made.

The CEO has told the local newspaper that the orchestra has not achieved a balanced budget in nine years. She has begun to tackle the overheads by cutting ten jobs, including Declan McGovern, vice president of orchestra operations and general manager, achieving an $800,000 saving.

McGovern is a former head of the Ulster Orchestra and RTE National Symphony Orchestra,

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  • Doug says:

    What did Donald Trump say? “You have to go back”

    • Sue says:

      No, I think he actually said “when we restore the budget to a surplus and get people into back into jobs none of these things will be an issue because there will be money for orchestras”.

  • will says:

    Hmmm… what is SO ridiculous is that these USA orchestras ( and some in the UK) throw obscenely large amounts of money towards various ‘brain dead and procedural ‘ men in suits ( and a few ‘women in suits’) who have somehow got themselves managerial roles that command 5 to 10 times the salaries of their orchestral players.
    It’s no wonder that so many orchestras are shutting down / ‘folding’ due to the greed of their managements!