Not your regular orchestral player (4)

Meet Mr Arto Vainio, clarinet & bass clarinet player at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

Arto says: ‘I am probably the only bass clarinet player in the world who has, within one week, played the complete Ring des Nibelungen and done 14 extremely demanding gym sessions.’

photos (c) Mike Siren

Here’s the evidence.

Not your regular orchestral player (3)

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    • What’s horrible? That someone who just happens to be a musician is into serious bodybuilding? That he’s obviously successful in both endeavors? You would rather he be a doughy, fat slob? I understand that not everyone finds the high definition muscles attractive, but in a world where body-shaming is taboo, where fat-acceptance seems mandatory, accept it. Of course, it’s about 20 years too late – would have made great cover art for that RCA series of Wagner operas-without-words with those provocative pictures.

  • You can tell we’re all in that silly season of Christmas – or Channukah for Norman! What a laugh – so grotesque you can’t begin to take his playing seriously. All of you made me laugh out loud with your comments – and twelve torn muscles, two broken kneecaps, and a partridge in a pear tree … 🙂 Won’t dare do the rude version here!!

    • If he’s in the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, then other people take his playing seriously.

      I have a cousin who was a professional body builder. He was good at it and enjoyed it.

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