Mormon Choir singer resigns, refusing to perform for Trump

Mormon Choir singer resigns, refusing to perform for Trump


norman lebrecht

December 30, 2016

A resignation letter from Jan Chamberlin, a five-year member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:



Dear President Jarrett and Choir,

Today is my birthday. (Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you………..)

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I submit my resignation to you and to Choir. I’m am praying that Jesus will help me get through this email before I totally break down.

I thank you all for 5 very meaningful years. There are many memories and experiences which I will cherish and hold dear in my heart.

Since “the announcement”, I have spent several sleepless nights and days in turmoil and agony. I have reflected carefully on both sides of the issue, prayed a lot, talked with family and friends, and searched my soul.

I’ve tried to tell myself that by not going to the inauguration, that I would be able to stay in Choir for all the other good reasons.

I have highly valued the mission of the Choir to be good- will ambassadors for Christ, to share beautiful music and to give hope, inspiration, and comfort to others.

I’ve tried to tell myself that it will be alright and that I can continue in good conscience before God and man.

But it’s no use. I simply cannot continue with the recent turn of events. I could never look myself in the mirror again with self respect.

I love you all, and I know the goodness of your hearts, and your desire to go out there and show that we are politically neutral and share good will. That is the image Choir wishes to present and the message they desperately want to send.

I also know, looking from the outside in, it will appear that Choir is endorsing tyranny and facism by singing for this man.

And Choir’s wonderful image and networking will be severely damaged and that many good people throughout this land and throughout the world already do and will continue to feel betrayed. I believe hereafter our message will not be believed by many that have loved us and adored what we have stood for.

I know that I too feel betrayed.

Tyranny is now on our doorstep; it has been sneaking its way into our lives through stealth. Now it will burst into our homes through storm.
I hope that we and many others will work together with greater dilligence and awareness to calmly and bravely work together to defend our freedoms and our rights for our families, our friends, and our fellow citizens. I hope we can throw off the labels and really listen to each other with respect, love, compassion, and a true desire to bring our energies and souls together in solving the difficult problems that lie in our wake.

In the show Wicked, the Wizard makes a really interesting statement. He says “ I create conflict to stay in power.” This scenario can keep us perpetually distracted and at odds with each other and keep us from working together to solve important issues. This also allows those in office to do whatever they want to unchecked. I believe this has been done to us, both cunningly and intentionally. I believe we have a lot more in common than we have in difference, and if we will listen to each other, we can learn a great deal from one another.
And we can learn to work together to defend our freedoms with sensibility and integrity.

When I first auditioned and entered Choir, it was to follow deep personal impressions, and to honor my late father, who was among the best of men. Now I must leave Choir for the same reasons. My father ( who was an expert airforce bomber) hated tyranny and was extremely distraught over the holocaust. He and Mom both loved people greatly.

I have deep patriotic feelings for this country and for the freedoms of people everywhere throughout the world. I am troubled by the problems we face which seek to destroy our love for liberty and respect for humanity internationally.

History is repeating itself; the same tactics are being used by Hitler (identify a problem, finding a scapegoat target to blame, and stirring up people with a combination of fanaticism, false promises, and fear, and gathering the funding). I plead with everyone to go back and read the books we all know on these topics and review the films produced to help us learn from these gargantuan crimes so that we will not allow them to be repeated. Evil people prosper when good people stand by and do nothing.

We must continue our love and support for the refugees and the oppressed by fighting against these great evils.

For me, this is a HUGELY moral issue. “ as he died to make men holy, let us live to make free” ( The first time I heard this beautiful piece, I was 11 years old; my brother Jim was singing in Honor Choir. IT”S message sent inspirational electricity through my soul and penetrated every fiber of my being. THIS is Choir’s true message, and we don’t want it lost by giving the opposite message).

James 1:27 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” This scripture has been resonating with me a lot lately.

I only know I could never “throw roses to Hitler.” And I certainly could never sing for him.

Much love to you all. I wish you all blessings and happiness.

My heart is shattered and broken…………. but my conscience is clear. And THAT, really is all that matters.


Jan Chamberlin


  • Leslie says:

    She should have resigned in four lines. The impact would have been stronger and less egocentric.

    • Max Grimm says:

      Doubtful, considering she only needed one line of her resignation letter to inform everyone of her birthday and to start singing herself a little tune.

    • John Russell says:

      I don’t agree, Leslie! She felt she owed a detailed well-thought explanation to the Director and she needed to express it on “paper”. I thank her for EVERY WORD she wrote.
      It is simplistic and, frankly, “Trumpian” to go for the publicity -effect of a few easily misinterpreted lines. It is also very difficult to accomplish effectively. She is a thoughtful person. (It took one of this country’s greatest speech writers, Abraham Lincoln, nigh on 30 years to teach himself the economy of words that culminated in the Gettysburg Address!)
      Most of her reasoning I understand and I appreciate the opportunity to share in her processing.
      Why should everyone do what the majority want to do? What if someone’s conscience tells them to follow another path?
      We should not be like the Buffaloes that moved so slowly in the same direction and in such great numbers that they were easily slaughtered by humans, often only for their skins; nor, like the elephants and other trusting animals who follow the herd to near extinction.
      We are thinking individuals and feeling, too. This person is brave and an individual thinker–with a bright future!
      John Russell
      23 year member (Retired) Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Lincoln Center, NYC

      • Laszlo says:

        no wonder. Your reply is almost as long as her political statement. I think she must be in need of attention, which she gets in some quarters, no doubt. In my opinion, brevity hits a more concentrated punch.
        In this age, most people will give up after the first paragraph (i did). Ahummm.

      • Holly Golightly says:

        The liberals and bien pensant are the buffaloes moving in herds and trying to silence any and every person who disagrees with their world views.

        I expect this is one of your own projections.

        And now you officially have political apartheid in the USA, thanks to the, er, liberals. Trump may fail; yes, that’s possible. But to not even let him fail yet is going to blow back in your face and others like you. Ugly indeed.

        • Western Shipway says:

          My thoughts exactly, liberty and freedom to some at the expense of those who have standards and don’t buy into all this so called freedom, it’s a disaster which we see all around us. Mentiong Hitler is ridiculous.

          • Holly Golightly says:

            Mentioning Hitler is a cheap shot and intellectually lazy. Just to convenient. But I think that comparison always tells us more about the person or persons making it.

    • Jillian says:

      I have yet to read specifics about Trump’s tyranny and “facism.” Please do give us specific instances WITH proven evidence. All you know is what you’ve read in the media and we all know that is not reliable.

      • Bill S says:

        None of what we know is from the media. All of what anyone needs to know has come directly from his own mouth. He is a prolific unrepentant liar, frequently revealed by his own contradictory statements a few months later. Anyone that cannot see that is not looking and listening.

    • Pal says:

      I think she gets to say what she needs to say, and to me it’s clear she agonized over every word. Judgment of her heart and her pain belongs to no one. Not even you.

    • Una says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Fewer words would have been read probably. This is just a confessional rant – shall say no more …

    • ubecate says:

      Jan is disgusting, she was not required to sing if this choir—–what a classless women

  • Rosalie Birney says:

    Integrity…hope it is recognised as such

  • Fyodor says:

    Re-read this article and substitute Obama for Trump. Then ask yourself, “If this had been written in opposition to Obama, would we have applauded her integrity or called her a racist?”

    Re-read it again and substitute baking a cake for a gay wedding for singing at an inauguration. Then ask, “If this had been a gay wedding, would we have applauded her integrity or sued her for discrimination?”

    • Aaron says:

      substitute Obama and she is racist. Substitute not baking a cake for a gay couple and she is a bigot. Put the name trump back in and she is against both of those ideas. Statements require context.

      • Fyodor says:

        I publicly opposed Trump’s candidacy from day one and believe that he will make a terrible president. HOWEVER, hysterical comparisons to Hitler and self-righteous public letters such as this appear to be a big reason he was elected. Many “ordinary” middle-class Americans are tired of being called bigots if they oppose gay marriage, racists if they oppose Obama’s policies, and Hitler supporters if they support Donald Trump.

        Letters like this just add to the image problem of the left – they/we are seen as self-absorbed, arrogant snobs who stand around eating our vegan canapés while congratulating ourselves on our willingness to endure martyrdom in defense of our version of ‘truth.’ Ms. Chamberlin, you may or may not be living according to sincere “Christian convictions” but don’t fool yourself – you are no Dietrich Bonhoeffer dying for your opposition to Hitler, regardless of what your sycophantic friends tell you.

      • Elene Gusch says:

        Exactly. We are not talking about Obama or a same-sex wedding. We are talking about opposing bigotry, ignorance, hatred, and fascism. Fyodor’s comment is irrelevant.

        I commend Mr. Lebrecht for allowing free speech in the comments to his blog and not deleting the egregious ones. I wonder if there may have been even worse comments than I’ve seen and which he has culled, though.

        • Holly Golightly says:

          Who do you think you are that you feel you are on the side of the angels and everybody else is wrong or evil? This kind of moralism (not ever to be confused with ‘morality’) and triumphalism is precisely the petri dish that created Trump in the first place. You don’t get that and you never will; you cannot control peoples’ speech and thoughts. That’s all been tried, and failed spectacularly. Real freedom is the freedom to prevail or fail – that human beings are ultimately responsible for their own choices – aside from natural disaster, illness and death – and robbing them of that responsibility has not provided us with a better society. On the contrary, what we’ve got is a more selfish and narcissistic one. And you people have the hide to call that “progress”. On your terms, maybe, but the rest of us have had it up to here (points to top of head) with your ‘progress’. Darwinian at best; evil at worst.

    • Dwamom says:

      The answer to your first substitution would be, “I would need to read the explanation.” The answer to your second is simple: by removing herself from the business, she has retained her right to do what she thinks is best, whether or not any of us like it. It is a business that is required to supply the cake, not the individual, and that is where the parallel fails. That is also why I think hiring groups was the perfect solution for Trump: business groups don’t hold political opinions, individuals do, and since it is the group that is performing, the indivuals do not need to be seen as endorsing anything unless they wish to.

    • Robert Holmén says:

      No, we wouldn’t applaud her because those are not laudable opinions.

    • Holly Golightly says:

      Brilliant, but the politically correct army of bullies won’t let you express this without significant sanctions. The bien pensant today are like the Right/conservatives of the Victorian era and the 1950s – telling everyone what to do and having their own “Hays Code” about what you can say and do. Time will show that these were horrible people.

      • Herr Doktor says:

        Holly, you are so right! We shouldn’t have ANYONE telling us what to say/do or how to behave, it’s just so politically correct!

        Now come a little closer, honey, so I can grab you by the pussy. I can’t wait to kiss you too–I just can’t help myself.

  • Nick says:

    What an extraordinary letter! What could all have been said in a couple of short paragraphs is spun out interminably drawing in analogies to Hitler, tyranny bursting into our homes, fascism, betrayal, turmoil, agony, scapegoats – it even quotes the words from the Wizard in “Wicked”! That’s just a Broadway show, for goodness sake!

    I am not American but I already utterly dislike Trump and most of what he seems to stand for. I loathe his methods, I don’t believe much of what he says and I do fear for what the world may be about to witness. But to spill out all that hate and fear just to resign from a part-time amateur choir? Oh, brother!

    • John Russell says:

      Nick: you may loathe Trump, are you SURE you loathe his methods?
      This letter is as in-Trumpian as one can get, because it spells out the process. No pre-digested sound-bites here that lead to simplistic discussion and opinions formed too fast.

    • Sue says:

      A part-time amateur choir? Maybe you should do your homework!

      • Holly Golightly says:

        And how many of your like the Mormons – the objects of ridicule for decades. What staggering hypocrisy you exhibit in your finger-wagging and moralizing.

        Let Trump fail and let the people throw him out, but trying to censor and punish the people who voted and supported for him is beyond contemptible and what we’d expect from the likes of Jon Stewart and his undergraduate followers and fellow groupies.

    • Pal says:

      Here is the issue: You are not an American. Despite your feelings about Trump, you aren’t an American. You do not have to contemplate your country with him as President. She does. We do.

      • Una says:

        Well, democracy gave you Trump, so get on with it! We voted out of Europe as a country, and that’s democracy, and we have to get on with it, not keep on about not liking the result. That’s democracy.

        • Holly Golightly says:

          You might as well be speaking Japanese to these people. The same who:

          Finger-point ‘certain people’ who supported Trump;
          Won’t have anything to do with any American who did vote from Trump;
          Don’t believe in democracy;
          Want to shut down anybody who doesn’t agree with their dysfunctional world view – that you have to suppress people in order for them to live as they do and think what they do.

          Ugly indeed. Miller wrote all about witch-hunts in “The Crucible”.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    The choir is already missing that voice. It will surely make a difference in the Presidential inauguration.

  • Herr Doktor says:

    As someone who was quite critical of the choir for agreeing to perform at the illegitimate Orange One’s inaugural, let me state that I found myself very moved by this letter. Jan Chamberlin, you reflect incredibly well on what your church is supposed to stand for. Thank you for taking the stand you took, and for having the courage to stand up to the coming storm.

    And as a side note to Norman Lebrecht: You should consider yourself honored that your blog has become a mandatory visiting site for the paid apparatchiks to spread their pollution and disinformation.

  • Brian says:

    I have no idea whether they sang for Bush/Cheney or for Obama, but these administrations also did a fairly nice job of flouting the teachings of JC (the endless wars, surveillance, military interventions, arms deals with Saudis and other bad actors — the US now remains the biggest arms trader in the world).

    So, is Trump an even greater darkness than what we’ve had? Could be, I don’t deny that possibility — that’s what power does, it continually lowers its own bar of depravity. So what I’m providing here is not criticism but just a little perspective.

    • John Russell says:

      Why? Do we not get enough elsewhere? Are you trying to distract from the topic–which is not whether power corrupts?

  • Jena Dickey says:

    Jan Chamberlin for President!

  • Michael Crognale says:

    The saddest part is that this young lady will feel incredibly stupid when none of her fears is realized. She is totally duped by the lies the dems conjured as weapons against President Trump. Perhaps she might reconsider after a year or so. I hope so.

    • Dan Allen says:

      I am not duped by Democrats lies. My opinions are formed by the words I have heard come from the man’s mouth. Those words lead me to the conclusions the “young lady” arrives at. Am I also duped?

    • MacroV says:

      Trump may well turn out to be a great President. But the person we’ve seen so far has shown himself to be willing to indulge racists, among other undesirables, and to play to peoples’ worst instincts; no need for me to elucidate, it’s all on video or on Twitter. Her fears are quite likely based on things Trump himself has said he will do, that she doesn’t support.

      • Holly Golightly says:

        And where were your vile criticisms when that sleazy low-life Clinton was engaging in his serial philandering, bringing the entire office of the POTUS into incredible disrepute?

        And his wife who tolerated all this without a word – except to publicly humiliate Monica L – has the absolute hide to call her fellow Americans ‘deplorables’.

        Thank God she didn’t get the gig.

        • MacroV says:

          I thought that was a pretty mild criticism; basically just saying “watch the tape.”

          • Holly Golightly says:

            I guess it’s what a disinterested, hypothetical ‘third party’ would make of yours and others’ comments that counts.

    • Elise says:

      The Dems didn’t create this fear. Every word was spun from Trump’s own mouth. He is careless and does great harm to a nervous divided country by his aggressive hostility to the most simple of facts. This is not a partisan issue. This is a character issue. The man is scary and proudly morally bankrupt.

      This is a beautiful heartbreaking letter.

    • Steven Holloway says:

      My suspicion regarding your calling her a “young woman” is two-fold. First, that you can’t read. Second, that you have a problem with women. Did one get the promotion you wanted? What she writes about her father rather strongly suggests that she must be firmly in middle-age at least. My father fought in WWII and he would now be 103. Read with care and think….young man.

  • Sarah says:

    Jan had the courage and dignity to speak her mind in an eloquent and articulate way. Her words reflect the way millions of people feel. Have the respect and dignity to listen to her concerns, even if you disagree, without replying with condescension and demeaning comments. She is inviting dialogue, not verbal skirmishing. For everyone’s sake, please respond with respect.

  • Sanda Schuldmann says:

    What a fantastic letter and action. Took guts and courage and I salute Jan Chamberlin.
    BRAVO! I personally think the entire choir should resign and refuse to perform. if only because of the way he treated Mitt Romney, who is a devout mormon and supports the church with extreme generosity.
    GOOD FOR YOU ms. Chamberlin!

  • Deborah Mason says:

    Thank you for a brave and decent letter, which took tremendous courage. We hope that your choir will listen carefully, weigh the truth and pain which are stated so clearly, and renounce tyranny, fascism and corruption along with you, their true leader!

  • Rich C. says:

    Isn’t funny that Mr. Trump/Hitler is on the side with Israel and Mr. Obama (whom I assume Jan idolizes) is not?

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Hurrah one person in American with guts.

  • OldSouth says:

    1. It’s all about MEEEEEEE!

    2. Favorite rhetorical device of our generation: Conflate a public figure with whom one disagrees with Adolf of the 30’s. How many times has the current occupant of the White House been tarred with that particular brush? How many times for the future occupant? In order to take that blather seriously, one needs to ignore history altogether. This dear lady seems all too happy to do so.

    3. She needs to go form her own choir, one comprised of people who agree completely with her. I think that is called ‘Singing In The Shower’. You go, girl! Auditions should be a breeze to conduct.

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      Agree (1 and 2).

      Cf. Twenge, Jean M: Generation Me: Why today’s young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled – and more miserable than ever Before (Free Press, 2007); and Twenge, Jean M & Campbell, W Keith: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the age of entitlement (Free Press, 2010).

      • Holly Golightly says:

        Christopher Lasch, “The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations”, 1979.

        Boy, was he prescient!!!!!

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      About (3): No, this generation cannot be satisfied wit ‘Singing in the Shower’ Choirs. They wanna be soloists, or at least sing in a really big choir, for example the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    • Holly Golightly says:

      …and able to sing Kumbaya – don’t forget Kumbaya suitable for embellishment by the Mormon husband his six wives.

  • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

    Maybe the Washintyon Opera Chorus can also sing? From Verdi’s Nabucco: “Va pensiero….” – not inappropriate. Or, from his Macbeth: “Patria oppressa!” Not inappropriate, either. The ultimate spectacle I’d love to see performed would be “Götterdämmerung” on the steps and podium used for the inauguration, but the glorious length of the piece would severely tax the attention span of those gathered for the festive occasion. Besides, setting the whole thing ablaze and then have it flooded would only outrage the climate change deniers… So, better to stick with Verdi. Not too long, very beautiful, and universally known (“Va pensiero”) music which can be enjoyed by all without losing attention. That would be a perfect addition 😉

    • Holly Golightly says:

      On the contrary, I think a suitable Inauguration Ceremony would be Michelle Obama shopping with Ellen in a supermarket on national television, then going home to entertain some foul-mouthed rapper.

      You’ve GOT to be kidding YOURSELF thinking the Obamas are any better than Trump.

      • V.Lind says:

        I don’t know why you’ve GOT TO BE to be so crude about the Obamas, particularly Michelle.If you can’t see how classy this lady is, in everything she does, I despair of you. What gives her her grace is her naturalness and accessibility — she behaves in a way to which a great number of people can relate, while still being brainier and more accomplished than most of them. Both she and her husband wear their intellectual prowess lightly.

        Perhaps I do not share her taste in music, but she is who she is — while perhaps not your preference, or mine, it is not a hanging offence to like the music of your generation and peers. And they are not all foul-mouthed. At one of the Inaugurals, a young rap singer named Will.I. Am was introduced. I had never heard of him. I looked him up recently after some anti-rap rant on here — the name was memorable — and his philanthropic work is dazzling. Not just generous — active. So perhaps the Obamas are a little choosier and more knowledgeable than you think about who they support.

        Donald Trump’s philanthropy is so dodgy it is under investigation, and he would not release his tax returns, as candidates have for years. That, and the language we have heard him use to and about young women, is not judging him in advance, Take a look at his record — the bankruptcies, the cashing in on foreclosures in 2008, the fraud (recently settled to spare the by-then President of the United States from having to testify in open court to save his miserable skin from such ugly charges).

        As for his ill-dressed wife, she is a very unhappy-looking woman. Her son looks like an automaton. The Donald is getting on and has probably decided to have his last hurrahs at a period that coincides with their marriage and this boy’s life. Meanwhile, she has as many designers declining to dress her as he has artists declining to perform for him. Even Celine Dion, who has at times looked as if she would do anything for money, turned him down. Pity the Moron Tabbies do not have her scruples — explains why Ms. Chamberlin had to explain so much.

        More importantly, he has waved red rags in China’s face, possibly out of his ignorance, possibly out of his craziness. Not a desirable combination of traits in an incoming Leader of the Free World, but by all means let us wait and see. We must be fair to The Donald, despite his declared will not to be fair to all sorts of groups of humanity. But most of us would not behave or speak as he does — we don’t operate at that level. No point in starting now.

        • Holly Golightly says:

          Michelle Obama plays to the lowest common denominator – rappers with foul mouths, Ellen and her groupies, just to name two. She brings it on herself.

          Sorry, but you don’t get a leave pass criticizing others and leaving the precious incumbents with a get-out-of-jail-free card. Where has been the political satire for the last 8 years? The absence of that, and the ‘throne sniffers’ who’ve allowed that to happen, is a scandal in itself.

        • Western Shipway says:

          Rap is not music!

      • Western Shipway says:

        Once again you took the words right out of my mouth, at last someone switched on.

  • Leslie says:

    Racist, always racist… But same people conveniently chose to erase the rhetoric of the “priest” BO listened to for YEARS before becoming president.
    I learned something these last eight years: ideology TRUMPS intelligence.

    • Holly Golightly says:

      And that’s precisely why Trump won the election!!

      I loved the classy gesture of knifing Israel in the back to make it difficult for the Trump administration. Now, that’s real class for you.

  • Elene Gusch says:

    Sad commenters here, who read someone’s heartfelt outpouring, and reacted by saying that she went on too long. (As if they’d been forced to read her letter to begin with.) Let’s see you take a stand yourselves for what you believe instead of snidely snarking at people who are doing that. It takes courage to go against a large community, and Ms. Chamberlin has done that.

    The person who thinks she resigned from simply “a part-time amateur choir” is particularly clueless.

    And it must be remembered that the Trump team has had a great deal of trouble finding anyone at all to perform at his inauguration.

  • Gary Carpenter says:

    Surely the KluKluxKlan Male Voice Choir is available that evening.

  • Albert Filosa says:

    Bravo, Ms. Chamberlin! It takes courage to swim upstream, which is clearly what
    had to happen in this poignant situation. Congratulations for sticking to your guns,
    despite the price to be paid — I really hope your example will inspire others to do the

    Looking back historically, the parallels between Trump’s rise and that of Hitler and the
    Nazis are both pertinent and frightening. If more people like you had stood up to Hitler at the beginning of his ascent to power, the disaster that befell Germany and Europe and the world might have been avoided. The image of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be seriously tarnished by its association with the Trump inauguration. I have admired and
    enjoyed the Choir’s performances in the past, but I shall not be able to listen again in the same way.

  • Ludwig von Slaythoven says:

    For context:

    “Do choir and orchestra members get paid for their service?
    No. All 360 members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and all 110 members of the Orchestra at Temple Square are unpaid volunteers who practice and perform weekly. Choir members rehearse and perform about five hours in an average week—Thursday nights for two hours and Sunday mornings for more than three hours. This does not include touring, for which members often take time off from work, sometimes foregoing personal vacations. All members must attend a minimum of 80 percent of rehearsals and performances. ”

    So it’s amateur in the sense that it is NOT a paying gig.

    Also, like Donald Trump, who (with his daddy Fred) would not rent to African-Americans until they were sued by the Nixon Justice Department in ’73 (, the Mormon Church until 1978 would not ordain Black men to the priesthood (for the kindest possible official interpretation, see

  • Amy Adams says:

    What a surprise. There’s a sock-puppet commenter on this thread stirring up trouble and having conversations with herself again.
    Step away from your computer, stop playing your multiple-identity game like a child with toy soldiers alone in her room. Take your medications. Go to grief counseling.
    Just stop.

  • kwonco says:

    Mass Hysteria! Pussy grabbing fascists on the rise, goose stepping their way into Washington, stripping us of civil liberties, depriving us of hope!
    Where in hell do you people live, Syria?
    I am not a Trump voter, but he will be President of the USA; respect the Office.
    I am dismayed by liberal elitism and ignorance of American civics and history, and eight years of incompetence
    Perhaps I watch too many Frank Capra movies, but the office is bigger than the man, and Mr Trump may surprise us all!

    • Steve P says:

      Shhh….you might end the libtard tantrum. Best to let them fret a little longer.

    • Christopher Culver says:

      “I am not a Trump voter, but he will be President of the USA; respect the Office.”

      Why should one “respect the office”? That doesn’t sound like democracy to me, that sounds like authoritarianism. The whole point of democracy with election cycles is that any party that loses an election becomes opposition and then vigorously argues against the ruling party and its politicians until the next election. And none of the criticism and occasionally outright mockery of Trump is any more “disrespectful” than the strident speech against sitting presidents that have been a hallmark of American politics since the 1790s.

    • Holly Golightly says:

      I detest the expression “liberal elites”. This is too good for them, this self-applied moniker. They need to be accurately described: OLIGARCHS, for that’s what they are. Federer, Bolt and other ‘elite’ athletes would rightly be appalled that the word “elite” applies to the bien pensant.

  • jaypee says:

    Write “Boulez”, and you-know-who will send dozens of comments within 3 hours… Write “Trump”, and you can be assured that Holly Golightly will answer present and defend her dear leader.

    @Steve P
    “libtard tantrum”

    What’s this? Fox friggin’ “news”?

    • Holly Golightly says:

      He’s not my leader! But I defend the right of the American people to vote for anybody they like; Mickey Mouse if necessary. I defend democracy; you defend yourself and authoritarianism. Build a bridge and get over it, otherwise I might get the impression I’ve touched a raw nerve (or two)!!

  • Amy Adams says:

    Please stop feeding the troll commenter. It’s hard, because she’s got more than one identity arguing with her here on this thread…she’s quite good at that. But life is about more than internet commenting, or self-obsessed personality disorders.

    To the troll, in all her incarnations:
    Get off the computer. Please get counseling. Take your medication.

    • Western Shipway says:

      Troll or not she does make some damn good points and one could say she is like a breath of fresh air, desperately needed.

      • Amy Adams says:

        Whether you’re one of her sock-puppets agreeing with yourself (?) or just another troll hiding your real name…No. Not a breath of fresh air. Just clickbait for Slipped Disc readers…just activity for someone with narcissistic personality disorder who should go back on her medications and step away from the computer. Perhaps go practice, say, the flute.

        You do not make the world better, or the internet more enlightened.

  • Western Shipway says:

    Amy, now I assume that is your real name and you are not hiding anything, but I have to say you do have a very vivid imagination and it may be time for you to get back on the medication bless you. However I will continue to try and educate and enlighten those that have been dumbed down, over many years by the biased media that do their utmost to control the way people think, and bring in laws to silence those that have a different view point. Now I expect a nice reply full of gratitude etc 🙂

  • Holly Golightly says:

    Pretty funny!!!

    OK: out with the storm-troopers to put a stop to this!!

    • Western Shipway says:

      When you get back let me know how you got on because this could be a real onslaught! and I fear the best, you have killed off the opposition single handed now that is not short of amazing lol.