Maestro move: Kent Nagano jumps ship

The Hamburg and Montreal music director Kent Nagano walked out on his agent just before Christmas to join HarrisonParrott.

Nagano is a huge earner and a coup for any agency. He is the third conductor to leave Stephen Wright’s ICA this month.

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  • “Nagano is a huge earner and a coup for any agency” (!)

    That may well be so but I will never forgive him for nearly bankrupting the Hallé when he was their Principal conductor.

    • I find it ‘very interesting’ if not ‘fascinating’ that after 24+ hours, there is onlly ONE follow-up comment; . This can only mean that
      1) pretty well everyone reading my posting actually agrees with me, or
      2) the matter of Mr Nagano’s ‘agent’ is of no interest at all, or
      3) ‘who cares’ anyway?

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