Jonas Kaufmann still tops the German charts

He may have been out for three months with a vocal cord injury, but the tenor’s Dolce Vita remains the top-selling classical release in Germany, and he has two other records in the top 20.

Dolce Vita is a compilation of syrupy, Italian desserts from the Andrea Bocelli songbook.

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  • why so negative about Dolce Vita? It has music sung by Pavarotti, carreras Domingo, Gigli, Caruso, etc not only Bocelli . Kaufmann loves the music and puts hos own stamp on it. Anything wrong with that?

    • But this album is stylistically a desaster. The first number “Caruso” sounds like it is sung by a student (fist year). For the very reason that this music has seen interpreters like Pavarotti and other celebtrated tenors, Kaufmann looses the battle with the past. Just in: Kaufmann cancels the opening of the Elbphilharmonie in January 11 and 12.

      • He’s too sick to sing concerts in January but he’s well enough to do a televised chat show tomorrow night. I thought taking was bad for a singer’s sick throat. I think his history of cancellations shows that he does what he wants to do, and screw the presentors and the audience.

  • He had already problems with his voice when he started this project, appears he is/had to overstretch his voice, which probably did add to his present problems. His Verdi album for Sony (released 2013) was good, but Nessum Dorma (2015) was already way over his capacity (Pappaono should have warned him), and I agree that Dolce Vita (2016) is something of a vocal distaster.

    But, with a little bit of marketing…

    Hopefully he will recover, and then sticks to repertoire that suits his really great voice.

  • What’s the chat show he’s doing? Which tv channel? Will it be available online? A chat show’s better than nothing!

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