Is that Simon Rattle conducting Mahler 2?

By the artist, Norman Perryman:

A few weeks ago, with over two thousand others, I was shuffling towards the exit of Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, slightly dazed, the sounds of Mahler 1 still going through my whole being. Mirga Gražinyté-Tyla had just conducted the CBSO in another fabulous concert. They brought the roof down!

We pass by my painting The Mahler Experience – Symphony Hall. “Look”, a woman in front of me says to her group, “I think that may be Mahler 2, with Simon Rattle”. “That’s right”, I mutter. “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I painted it”. The crowd comes to a standstill. “You painted it! Hey, he painted it!” Handshakes all round. I find this reaction rather amusing, but it happens every time I’m in Birmingham. A group of teenagers is hanging around. I try not to feel prejudiced about their demeanour. One of them eventually approaches me and says: “Sir, I just have to tell you: that painting changed my life. I now love classical music”. A novelist wants to include the painting as the sublime emotional experience of her main character. Could we do a photo in front of the painting? And so on….

Read on, and see more images, here.

Ars longa, vita brevis.


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  • Norman Perryman’s Symphony Hall series of paintings deserve universal recognition.
    Symphony Hall likewise for their foresight.

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