Dmitry Hvorostovsky is in hospital with pneumonia

Dmitry Hvorostovsky is in hospital with pneumonia


norman lebrecht

December 20, 2016

The Russian state agency Tass reports that the bass-baritone was taken to hospital in St Petersburg after a concert with Marcelo Alvarez on Sunday night.

He is said to be feeling better and is out of danger.

Hvorostovsky has cancelled Thursday’s recital in Krasnoyarsk.


  • Barbara Forbes says:

    Unfortunately pneumonia is a well-known complication when people are being treated with chemo. I am a great admirer of this wonderful singer and I find it heart-breaking that he is so constantly scrutinised especially by his “fans” who insist that his health is recovering, that he will triumph against all odds in this battle, and so on. Obviously I hope that he will recover, and that he will overcome this dreadful illness, but it can’t make it any easier for him and his family knowing that his struggle is taking place in such a public arena. And I include myself in those who are, in a way, violating his privacy.

    • Bruce says:

      He made his situation public and has often thanked his well-wishers for their support. Some people turn inward in times of trouble, some people turn outward. I try not to gawk, but I don’t feel bad just being aware of what’s going on.

      • Barbara Forbes says:

        Yes, he did make his situation public, but that could have been to put things straight and avoid the proliferation of rumours. And yes, he has often expressed his appreciation of his supporters. But, there are some fans who see his radiant smile and say “Oh how nice to see you so happy!” and who hear his wonderul and powerful voice and say “Oh how nice that you are well again!”, when I am sure that behind the public persona there are depths of anguish and fear. We went to Barcelona for his concert there last month and it was magnificent – even on the concert stage he transformed himself into Rodrigo, Igor, Rigoletto and all the others – and you wouldn’t have believed that he was unwell; but the smiles seemed a bit forced, and he was visibly physically tired by the end. And this latest development shows how fragile his health really is, I think.

  • V.Lind says:

    He’ll be gutted about Thursday. Krasnoyarsk is home.

  • Holly Golightly says:

    Anything to do with Russia – anything at all – simply sends shivers down my spine.

    • Mere Kiwi says:

      Whatever we may think of current Russian policies, both foreign and domestic, and whatever we may think of the recent statements of the American president-elect, a statement such as this cannot go unchallenged. It is redolent of the type of stereotypical thinking which has already caused so many unnecessary wars in the world. The report which the comment was attached to was about a singer who was born in and is revered in Russia, who has lived in London for more than twenty years, who has an Italian wife, and who tours the world for his art, not his politics. In any context but particularly this one, a report about an outstanding artist who is struggling for his life, the statement was beyond unfair. It was cruel.

      • Holly Golightly says:

        Oh, dear; once again the Left resorts to empty sentimentality. And moral-ism, as opposed to ‘morality’.