Debbie Reynolds dies

Debbie Reynolds dies


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2016

The singing actress, co-star of Singin’ in the Rain, has died in Los Angeles at 84. Debbie Reynolds suffered a strike after the death two days ago of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

She was 19 when she landed the Singin’ in the Rain role in 1952.


  • V.Lind says:

    Three days left…God Save the Queen…

  • Brian says:

    I am thinking today the same as you — of the child and the mother joined again in that quiet and measureless bliss, whose sound we are so often deaf to in our noise and impulse. The year ends and renewal begins, in a dimension so near that it seems unfathomably distant…

    Rainer Maria Rilke, #13 in Das Stundenbuch (translation by Robert Bly):

    I can hardly believe that this tiny death,
    over whose head we look every day we wake,
    is still such a threat to us and so much trouble.

    I really can’t take his growls seriously.
    I am still in my body, I have time to build,
    my blood will be red long after the rose is gone.

    My grasp of things is deeper than the clever games
    he finds it fun to play with our fears.
    I am the solid world
    from which he slipped and fell.

    He is like
    those monks in cloisters that walk around and around;
    one feels a fear when they approach;
    one doesn’t know — is it the same one every time,
    are there two, are there ten, a thousand monks, more?
    All one knows is the strange yellow hand,
    which is reaching out so naked and so close…
    there it is,
    as if it came out of your own clothes

  • Catriona MacGregor says:

    Let’s get the title right. It’s SINGIN’ in the Rain.

  • Bruce says:

    Let no one say you can’t die from a broken heart.