Conductor is fired for telling the truth

A stage show of the Disney musical Frozen was disrupted when the orchestra conductor Giacomo Loprieno announced to the young audience, ‘Father Christmas does not exist’.

He was dismissed on the spot.

His integrity intact.

Read here.

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  • He wasn’t fired for ‘telling the truth,’ he was fired for being a petty, mean spirited a**hole who, contrary to the spirit of his employer (Disney), which was to bring joy to children and their parents, dashed their hopes. And, to make matters worse, if anyone had earned such the ire of that immature outburt, it was the people who had already left not those remaining in the auditorium. The Grinch with a stick.

    • Well, it’s not the truth, not the complete truth anyway. It’s not a discussion to be had on a public stage, perhaps, but only in private. One day many years ago, a few days before Xmas, I was walking with my little one, who was 4 at the time. As we passed by a large Santa decoration, she turned and asked me, “Santa is fake, a made-up person, is that right Poppy?” I had to stop and think about this seemingly precocious skepticism, and finally explained that it’s kind of both. Then I tried to teach her what a metaphor is, and that in things like music and poetry metaphor is often more real than things and real people. It was a somewhat clumsy teaching, but the kid is now a grown woman and a graduate student at a conservatory over in Scotland, studying Cage, Stockhausen, Feldman, and all sorts of things I can’t very well understand but can still appreciate. I will never ask her whether the music she’s studying and performing now is “real” or not.

      • But that is very obvious….. she has learned to appreciate the metaphorical nature of the fake, and approaches such work not as music but as an idea, which is the only way to take it seriously.

  • Father Christmas’s and, more importantly, the children’s integrity does not mean anything to you, Norman? What a shame. In my opinion it is the huffing, petulant, and immature conductor who is left without any integrity. And, no, I am not an elf writing this on behalf of Father Christmas.

  • I am quite surprised about this conductor, obviously he never got presents at Xmas. I do still believe in Father Xmas because who else would heap such welcome gifts for me every year? Even the Syrians here on the estate get presents every year and that would never be possible if he did not exist.

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