Carrie Fisher has died, at 60

The death has been announced of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, daughter of the singer Eddie Fisher and actor Debbie Reynolds. She died at 60, several days after an in-flight heart attack while returning from a publicity trip to London.

She was the ex-wife of singer-songwriter Paul Simon.

Carrie was Hollywood royalty with singing pedigree. She was also a powerful role model to a generation of young women.

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  • I remember seeing her as Princess Leia when young — I thought she would be a big star. But it was as a writer that she really made her mark. Happened to catch her on Norton a few weeks ago and thought she looked tense, though her subject was clearly a little troubling to her. When I heard about the heart attack, then the stabilisation, I thought that was that, so today was a shock. RIP.

    It has indeed been a dreadful year of losses in arts and culture. Almost terrifying to knwo there are four more days in it.

    • Your sentiment is truly felt, V. Lind. The person who must feel terribly lost at this time is her mom. I cannot fathom what it must be like to lose a child. My aunt did, and it is indeed truly tragic; words cannot express such a loss. I was not aware of Carrie Fisher’s writings. Thanks to you, I will explore this.

      • I believe she wrote an autobiographical novel titled “Postcards from the edge”, that became a film in the early 90s staring Merryl Streep. I remember seeing it in Brussels when I was studing at the Royal Conservatory there.

        • I saw the film only recently and really liked it, thanks to yet another brilliant Streep performance. The mother/daughter thing was quite revealing though!!

          Carrie Fisher was rather unusual amongst the typical Hollywood glitterati; honest, funny, self-deprecating, iconoclastic and straight-talking. That thing in the last few years with the dog was pretty strange, though.

          Vale Carrie. We’ll miss you.

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