Breaking: André Rieu concert is called off after musician suffers heart attack

Tonight’s concert by the Johann Strauss Orchestra in Nottingham has been called off after a musician suffered a severe heart attack this morning.

The players was rushed to hospital where is condition is said to be critical.

Andre Rieu Productions has issued the following statement: It is with great regret that André Rieu has to postpone tonight’s Nottingham concert due to a member of the Johann Strauss Orchestra having a heart attack this morning.

‘We are deeply saddened and thank you for your understanding in this difficult moment.

‘Our heartfelt feelings are with their colleague and his family.’

UPDATE: Andre Rieu calls off rest of UK tour.

UPDATE2: In praise of André Rieu.



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  • I do so hope very very very much the musician will be ok and recover
    My mum and I love Andre and all the orchestra
    All the musicians in fact
    Mum and I are thinking of you
    Get well soon fellow

  • ONLY in this community the blogger writes “the players was”…then complain about the spelling of Trump in the very next blog entry……

  • I marvel that I have been able to enjoy Andre Reiu’s remarkable performances on Utube without a penny changing hands. He has a lot of work to do bringing music to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. I pray the giant strength and good fortune.

  • Im so Sorry to hear that one of the Fantastic musicians has been taken so seriously ill. My thoughts and prayers go with you all and I do hope they make a full and speedy recovery. God Bless you All

  • The message was a bit ambiguous because I wasn’t sure if it was Andre or a member of his orchestra. The entire group is my favorite. I hope and pray that whoever the member is recovers God bless the whole Orchestra! indeed they are phenomenal!!

  • Is it Andre who has had the heart attack?

    ” … a musician suffered a severe heart attack this morning. The players was rushed to hospital where is condition is said to be critical.

    – a bit confusing use of English …

    • How is that confusing? Yes it would be nice to know who it was, but its certainly not confusing. There are 4 male violinists including Andre, so theres a 25% chance it is him. So sad for whoever it is and their family .

  • Cher André Rieu,
    J’espère de tout coeur que le musicien ou la musicienne va s’en sortir. Je pense très fort à vous, à votre orchestre et staff, et surtout, à sa famille. God Bless him or her.

  • So sad at this time of the year, Andre and his orchestra bring so much happiness to so many people around the world. Send all our best wishes to them, especially the musician and the family. God bless.

  • We had travelled all day to get to Nottingham and only found out when we
    were 10 minutes away. Whoever it is, must have a pivotal role within the
    orchestra. We are surrounding all of them with healing light and love.

  • So Sorry to learn of this as we arrived in Nottingham last evening to attend this concert. Our thoughts, and prayers are with this performer, his family and all the members of the orchestra and all those involved in organising and presenting these shows of Andre Rieu and his orchestra. We wait for news of the rescheduled date of the concert and prayer that the performer in question makes a full recovery.

  • You’re all just one big family and so close in the only thing to do, all our. Love and prayers go out to your friend concerned and his family , and to you all too xxx

  • So sorry I did not get to your concert in Nottingham due to the sudden illness of one of the orchestra. We were on our way and had to turn around and come home. So disappointed but we understand the reason for the cancellation. Hope that the musician is on the mend and hope all will be well. Best wishes to you all. Xx

  • We wish your Extended Family member a speedy recovery. Sending love &Prayers to you. Mr Andre you are a True Gentleman to cancel concert. On the eve of you JSO being very ill. Hope this gentleman makes a speefy recovery & once more Many Many thanks to your decision. You truly are not all about money Sir.

  • Many thoughts and prayers go to the seriously ill musician and his or her family and also for Andre and his wonderful orchestra and team who give so much pleasure to millions of people all over the world. Praying for a full recovery.

  • This shows me that Andre has genuine love and compassion for his musical family. You can always re schedule an appearance but you can’t control what God has planned with our lives. My thoughts and prayers to everyone in this musical family.

  • I FB”D a comment. Andre Rieux, once again show us his sense if humanity and great appreciation for every individual in the Andre Rieux Family of the Performing Arts & Music. You’ve the Best…as are each individual that orchestrates together in bringing us the Voices and Sounds of Gid, Almighty .

  • Saw the orchestra in Leeds arena on Friday they were fantastic as always giving pleasure to thousands . We wish the sick musician a speedy recovery and our thoughts also with the rest of the orchestra .

  • It appears that the Wembley concerts Monday and Tuesday are all cancelled as well. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • We were really looking forward to the concert in Manchester on Thursday …. Andre, you have made the right decision and our thoughts are with your colleague and his family.

  • With all our prayers and healing thoughts going out to the stricken Orchestra Member, then God willing we shall all be smiling again with Andre and all his family.

    Looking forward to seeing them all at the rescheduled London concert.

    God Bless,

  • From S.A. Love Andre and his orchestra. Bought all his DVD’s. The fact that he cancelled the shows, shows you that he really cares about the musiscians in his orchestra. Can’t wait for your next show at the Palace in Sun City.

  • We hope and pray that the sick member will recover. Thanks for all the pleasure this orchestra gives to people and we are all very sad that one of you is so ill.

  • This a terrible blow to one of the finest orchestras in the world good luck to the poor musician ,speedy recovery please God .
    I always thought they were a complete family
    This proves it all the very very best .

  • Very sorry to hear there is no change in Mr merx Condition
    Hoping and praying for a miracle
    In the meantime
    Andre please promise you will slow down and take it easy now
    As mum and I love. You loads as do your fans

  • Ruud you just have to recover and wakeup,
    You are only 44
    You have so much still to achieve in your life,dreams things you want to do but have not yet
    Here’s thinking of you young man
    Get well soon

  • Still miss Rudd and all his antics, love to Lin xxx see u next year in Glasgow,would love to meet u all,(wishful thinking) love to u all,Irene Sanderson

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