Andrea Bocelli faces growing Trump backlash

Andrea Bocelli faces growing Trump backlash


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2016

Fans of the Italian crooner are expressing displeasure at his reported decision to sing at President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Tabloid rumours are spreading of a Boycott Bocelli movement.

The American soprano Aprile Millo has posted:

He has no idea what he is endorsing. Remember he’s from a country that put up with Berlusconi. One freak show to another. I don’t buy his music I appreciate that he’s a nice man but I will absolutely boycott any Bocelli. How about an American tenor? Outsourcing already because there seems to be no American that wants to sing for him. #BoycottBocelli.

Hundreds more are sharing the hashtag #BoycottBocelli.

Bocelli has yet to provide personal confirmation that that he will appear at the White House, though his team have leaked that it’s a done deal.



  • Ungeheuer says:

    Good of Millo to express this.

  • Brian says:

    Funny how Trump went from playing Pavarotti recordings at his rallies to potentially wheeling out Bocelli now. I wonder if he can hear the difference.

  • Steinway Fanatic says:

    Borelli shares the same affliction as Trump’s supporters – they are all blind.

    • Sue says:

      That’s just vicious. What does it tell us about YOU?

      • John says:

        That he’s a very astute person.

        • Exton says:

          NO. The left believes in a failed Ideology rejected by the American people. All these protests are just sour grapes.

          • Mulder says:

            Incorrect – the left believes in an ideology favored by the majority of the American people that were screwed over by the failure of the system.

          • db says:

            Wrong, the majority of Americans don’t believe in gay marriage, want strict immigration, and abortion. Are you sure you want to have a democracy system.

            Three pedaphiles and a parent discuss the age of consent. Are you sure you want democratic rule?

      • Leo says:

        The most disgusting thing is politicizing the arts!!! Shame on all of you involved in smear of Bocelli or any other artist. Music belongs to all regardless of political affiliations or preferences. Shame on Aprile Millo!!


        • Nick says:

          MULDER SAYS:
          December 18, 2016 at 9:06 pm
          Incorrect – the left believes in an ideology favored by the majority of the American people that were screwed over by the failure of the system.


          Sorry to correct your correction. You confuse the reason with consequence:
          the failure of the system occurs precisely because of the ideology of the left, which started to prevail in the last 40-45 years!! American system was created as an efficient capitalist system with clear checks and balances, then the left started slowly but surely to ruin it. And they almost achieved the result with BHO. This plague ideology ruined already more than half of the world and continues to ruin it: Soviet Union, all Eastern European countries, Latin America and even many Western European countries as well.

          Let us hope for the better now, that the failing left ideology is a bit further away from the government body. And let Bocelli sing what he wants, where he wants and for who he wants.

      • Steinway Fanatic says:

        What does it say about me? It says that I can see that Trump crucified Hillary Clinton for giving a paid speech at Goldman Sachs, and then Trump appoints Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn to be Director of National Economic Council. So, if you can’t see that, you are “blind” – Got it?

      • William Safford says:

        I thought it was veiled….

    • Una says:

      At least get his name right if you don’t like him! Easier to spell than – er – unprecedented or unpresidented!!!

    • Martin Ramby says:

      You anti-Trump fools are the truly blind ones. Half the country was not happy with the 2008 and 2012 results, but they didn’t act like you cry babies.

      You apparently approved of cellist Yo Yo Ma playing at the first inauguration of that Chicago gutter trash occupying the WH now. Even that was dishonest, he wasn’t really playing, it was a recording.

      Liberals…’re really not liberal, you’re self centered, narrow minded and intolerant of anyone who is not lock step with your views.

      • Leo says:

        FINALLY! One sober voice among hundreds and thousands of crying babies who gladly politicize anything to have an above-the-law career criminal as president rather than anybody else. The society is not only blind, but also quite ugly!

        Thank you “MARTIN RAMBY” for a brave comment!
        And to all the crying babies: STOP POLITICIZING ARTISTS AND MUSIC!

      • Nick says:

        FINALLY! One sober voice among hundreds and thousands of crying babies who gladly politicize anything to have an above-the-law career criminal as president rather than anybody else. The society is not only blind, but also quite ugly!

        Thank you “MARTIN RAMBY” for a brave comment!
        And to all the crying babies: STOP POLITICIZING ARTISTS AND MUSIC!

      • Petros Linardos says:

        Current polling average: 54.4% currently approves of Obama, 41% disapproves.

        • Leo says:

          You are right, still way toooooo many idiots in the country!! 54% – way too many!

        • Martin Ramby says:

          54% of the country love BHO…sure, that’s the dead weight sucking off the government teet.

          They will always “love” the hand that feeds them. Nothing but mindless lemmings.

      • NYMike says:

        Itzhak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma, Anthony McGill and Gabriela Montero mimed to their pre-recorded track (written by John Williams) because it was too cold to actually play. Your remarks about Obama place you at the bottom of Trump’s deepening swamp.

        • Bruce says:

          …and may qualify him for a Cabinet position 🙂

        • Martin Ramby says:

          Yes, it was too cold to play a cello….but that “transparent” new administration, being inherently dishonest from the get go, chose to keep that from the public and let them think it was live not a recording. That’s, my point, there is an element in the liberal, progressive elite that feels they are smarter than everyone else, and they make decisions to only let people know what THEY feel we need to know.

          IMO no one would have had a problem with knowing they had to use a recording for his music due to frigid weather.

          I stand by my original comment, they are spoiled cry babies.

          Political views should never be used to hurt anyone, artists, actors, musicians, students, nuns, cops, teachers, business owners, etc.

          • Bruce says:

            but that “transparent” new administration, being inherently dishonest from the get go, chose to keep that from the public and let them think it was live not a recording.

            LOL. If it was such a secret, then why did I read about it in the mainstream media the following day? (I think it was the NY Times)

          • MacroV says:

            And a child of four generally knows that a lot of performances at events like the President’s inauguration, Super Bowl, Olympics opening ceremony, etc., are pre-recorded, with the musicians doing the equivalent of lip-synching. Pretty it was also not a decision made by the new President, whose duties probably didn’t involve producing the live show.

      • Bruce says:

        Just thought I’d mention that term “Chicago gutter trash” makes you look extremely suave and sophisticated, and very attractive. Would you like to have sex sometime?

      • David Nice says:

        ‘Chicago gutter trash’ – wow, that’s spectacular Trumptrolling.Why don’t you go the full ‘ape’? Are the Russians at work here too?

      • Western Shipway says:

        You sound like a right clown, you must be American, keep taking the medication.

    • Nick says:

      Bocelli has an affliction indeed, but, being blind, he “sees” more than you, presumably with vision!!!

    • David Osborne says:

      I take particular exception to people who may share my personal view on this making disgraceful and degrading comments like that. His disability is absolutely irrelevant. You’re no better than Trump.

    • Cliff Stewart says:

      Well, I wasn’t going to go there…but since you ignorantly made such an ignorant remark… I’m certainly not blind, but would much rather be than be an ignorant phuck as you who can’t see past the nose you have stuck up Witch Hillary’s butt!!!

  • V.Lind says:

    Apparently Jackie Evancho’s fans are okay with her performing. They probably all voted for him — trained up to vote by getting Jackie through.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    Bocelli richly deserved the backlash.

    What about Jackie Evancho? Isn’t she facing any comparable reaction?

    • EM says:

      Jackie Evancho fans are, for the most part, in Trump’s camp. She appeals to small-town, low educated, very white and very Christian middle class, blue collar America. She suits Trump well, as does her voice, which is untrained and fake, like Trump is as a “leader”. Jackie Evancho’s management leans heavily to the right as well, so this combination of facts makes her the perfect “singer” to perform at Trump’s inauguration and be seen by the millions of racist Trump supporters, reassured by seeing a blonde Christian looking girl from Pittsburgh singing the nation’s national anthem. Remember, that they wanted their country back. Now they have it. I guess that a diverse and talented America doesn’t exist in Trumpland and won’t exist for the next four years, if we get that far going on like this.

      • Robin Bermanseder says:

        Your assertions are incorrect.
        I am involved with several of Miss Evancho’s fan clubs; the demographics there roughly mirror the wider world.
        When she supported her sister’s transition, a small number of conservative fans left, but
        these were more than replaced by new supporters. The ‘swing to the left’ and ‘cynical marketing’
        stories were false assertions spread on various fora to push their own agendas.
        The simple truth is that Jackie puts support of her family before her own career.

        And now, for singing at a president/national event (as she has many times before) she is accused of supporting the right.
        False again. She sings because she is appreciated and loved by millions.
        Jackie is young enough to state with sincerity that she sings to make the world a better place.
        That in itself is endearing.

        Those incapable of accepting that a child may dream of a better world,
        and instead attack her and her supporters because she will sing the National Anthem of her home country
        are surely lost, and have become a part of the problem.

        • Paul says:

          Forget then about who may or may not be Jackie Evancho’s fans in America, forget about whether she has a real voice, or is even a real musician, but rather on the fact that she accepted to sing at the inauguration of a man who is the most polarizing and controversial person ever elevated to the presidency, a man who has publicly made fun of the handicapped, degraded women repeatedly with inappropriate terms and all of the other vulgarities and insults that all reading this blog are well aware of.
          The fact that Jackie Evancho has a trans sibling makes her accepting this event even more troubling. Has Ms. Evancho watched the video of Donald J. Trump imitating a handicapped man before millions? Has Jackie Evancho listened to Mr. Trump boasting how he can do whatever he wants to a woman and especially likes grabbing them by the p****?
          For you, being involved with this girl’s fan clubs, you should realize how her accepting this reflects directly on her own value system. No, this is not just singing the anthem of her country. This is an endorsement of the validity of a man who may well go down in history as having brought the world into strife, chaos and destruction. Singing the anthem for his investiture only adds decorum and endorses the event.
          In this case, I blame Ms. Evancho’s manager who, after some inquiries, I have learned is himself an ardent Trump supporter, racist and xenophobe. Ms. Evancho is being lead on a very dangerous path and this ill no doubt lead to having a negative image hanging over her head forever.

          • Nick says:

            @Paul: Yours is even a more dangerous path: division and sabotage!

          • Leslie says:

            Look at this as if you were looking at history. Imagine that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or some other sinister human spot on history had different artists of the time volunteering to sing for their investitures. Would you not, even for a second, ask yourself whether these performers were sympathetic to the ideology of the leader being put into power? Is music living outside of reality, outside of history, as many of the comments here seem to imply.

            Sorry, Mr. Bocelli has a conscience. Jackie Evancho, although childish and intellectually immature has some sense and is surrounded my handlers who should certainly know better. To be part of the event, means that you believe in the event and the person at the center of it.

            If Jackie Evancho would volunteer to sing at the birthday party of a known local neighborhood wife beater and child abuser, that would certainly reflect on her and her parent’s judgement, as seen through the eyes of her neighbors and the wife and children that that man who beats and abuses them on a regular basis.

            Where is the difference then, in this case with Donald Trump?

          • Nick says:


            And who gives you the right to compare Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini to Trump? Stalin exterminated circa 20 million of his own people, Hitler – circa 7 million. How dare you compare someone who is not even involved in mass extermination to known war criminals!


          • Robin Bermanseder says:

            Thank you for your rational response – a rare treat.
            I too have serious concerns about Trump, and I was surprised by this turn of events. But my admiration
            of Miss Evancho and her work dominates my outlook.

            I agree that some may perceive her performance as somehow endorsing Trump,
            but the facts don’t support that. Jackie is not an intellectual and is unlikely
            to have formed a considered opinion on the politics involved. She likely sees this as another
            National performance (a valuable one careerwise) following her multiple performances for
            President Obama, Capitol Fourth and Memorial Day. At worst her fault is naivety. Or lies with her handlers.

            The proposed “negative image hanging over her head forever” seems unlikely to me,
            unless the most extreme predictions of Trumps influence come true, which I evaluate as unlikely.
            I predict that in a year or two, the crime of singing the National Anthem at a legally elected
            President’s inauguration will be dismissed as trivial by the court of public opinion.

            My outlook is shaped more by the positives, a hope that Miss Evancho’s ability to enchant and
            soothe through her art will have the greater long term influence.
            (Acknowledged that this last point is hotly debated elsewhere on this fine forum.)

          • Steven Holloway says:

            To Leslie: Evanchko is 16 years-old. Of course she is childish — she’s a child. That is not an excuse that the bulk of comment-makers on this post can resort to. They just never grew up. In any case, this whole nutty thread belongs on a political blog, not here.

      • Martin Ramby says:

        Your remarks are so typical of a bigoted liberal. It’s repulsive.

        Just for the record, I voted for Obama in 2008. I am deeply disappointed in his presidency.

  • Adrienne says:

    More bile.

    • Martin Ramby says:


      I agree with you, some of these folks can’t see past their own egos. I seem to recall any criticism of BHO was labeled racism. Now, Trump, who is supporting our Constitution, wants a secure border and LEGAL immigration, proper screening of immigrants, political refugees and more jobs for the country is compared to murderous tyrants. That’s what happens when they fail to teach history in our schools. People grow up to be information challenged liberals.

      No one was more hurtful and divisive to the unity and wellbeing of our nation and the methodical dissection of the Constitution than this present administration.

      The inauguration will be wonderful. The artists who participate are great Americans who are decent and fair minded enough not to let politics cloud their decisions.

  • Daniel F. says:

    Am very worried by the various possibilities of a Trump Presidency, including his use of the Army to shut down newspapers who give him bad reviews, but there is something a little scary in the “slippery slope” sense when we start to boycott artists whose politics (or whose obliviousness to politics) we do not agree with. Anybody out there recall the riots in Peekskill, NY–1949? People didn’t “like” Paul Robeson’s politics. I abhorred Robeson’s devotion to Stalin’s USSR, but using violence in not allowing him to perform was abhorrent too. Blacklisting artists? Not such a good idea, no? I know Bocelli’s situation is different, but as I said, it’s a very slippery slope once you start.

  • Melisande says:

    I guess it’s the money that counts, or that Mr. Bocelli has a blind spot for politics in a far away country, or simply isn’t interested.
    In all three cases it is lamentable and of great concern.

  • Joel Cohen says:

    Let’s assume that he is simply naive and uninformed. A little pedagogy aimed at him on this matter will do him good.

    • Rosana Martins says:

      Do you really believe there is the possibility that Bocelli might be naive and uninformed with his international career, managers, publicists over a few decades?
      I believe he knows exactly what he’s doing, though he might be surprised at the scope of the world’s negative reaction.
      I also find reprehensible the idea of boycotting an artist for singing at the inauguration of an American president even if we are totally against his behaviour or politics. The idea of boycotting is scary!
      I hope he changes his mind.

      • Joel Cohen says:

        Rosana, I am trying to give him the benefit of a doubt. He is making a foolish mistake, in any case. On that we are agreed.

  • Robert Manno says:

    As a handicapped person, I wonder what Bocelli’s reaction would have been had he have been able to see Trump’s mocking and denigrating of the handicapped reporter.

  • Bruce says:

    3 possibilities occur:

    1) Maybe he agrees with Trump’s politics.
    2) Maybe he disagrees with Trump’s politics but actually believes art is above politics.
    3) Maybe he’s oblivious.

    …and after all an inauguration is a prestigious gig. (feel free to add that to the end of any of the above reasons)

  • Richard says:

    I imagine Bocelli’s management saw dollar signs and that was that. What I don’t understand recently is companies like Home Depot endorsing candidates (Trump). Why would companies risk alienating half of their client base? In a way, if it’s just about money for Bocelli, why risk alienating half (or more) of your audience?
    That only leaves only either he believes in Trump (a wild notion for anyone with more than three brain cells) or there is something else at work here. It’s confounding in all cases.

  • Aleta says:

    It is called money!!!

  • Greg Hlatky says:

    It’s just fine when musicians perform in China or North Korea but not only will they not perform for a constitutionally-elected president but professionally ostracize anyone who does, right?

    At least now we can recognize all that Barenboimesque “Music Is A Universal Language Building Bridges Between Divided People” cant for the self-congratulatory, preening horseshit it really is.

    Of course, anyone should be free to refuse services when reqested. Unless you don’t bake a cake for someone. Then a weaponized bureaucracy will come down on your head and bankrupt you.

    • nYMike says:

      Comparing a storefront open as a public business to a performer who can accept or not accept an engagement is at least misdirection or, worse, the height of lunacy.

      • Greg Hlatky says:

        Principles are, to progressives, just a club with which to beat the enemy. They may espouse them but they don’t actually believe in them. What privileges artists over cake makers?

  • Robert Holmén says:

    “It’s a done deal”… Do they have the check?

    I wonder if they know Donald’s history of stiffing the people he’s hired and then threatening to sue them if them complain.

    • Martin Ramby says:

      Even that comment about Trump’s business dealings is inaccurate. Trump is constantly building….all over the world. He has absolutely no problem hiring workers for his projects. Do you really think he would still be able to continue building and hiring if he really “stiffed” his contract workers? I think not.

      BTW Bocelli may back out for fear of reprisals. What a pity. The left sucks.

  • Marcin says:

    I personally don’t like Bocelli’s voice and wish he had stayed singing Italian pop songs. But maybe, just maybe he just wants to sing! ( and the fee may help his pensions plans)

    • Una says:

      Marcin, Bocelli is not a pop singer but a trained opera singer who would have gone into opera only for the practicalities of not being able to do the productions. I’m not a great lover of his singing either but many are, and so be it. Carving him up as so many comments have done here, like a ‘Steinway Fanatic’ hiding behind a piano is quite vicious. He’s singing for Trump, so what? He will sing well, bring pleasure to people, and he’s not a politician – or a pop singer.

      • Caroline UK says:

        I agree with all your comments Una, well said.
        His voice does not appeal to everyone, but neither did Pavarotti’s.
        Those who say he is doing it for the money, shame on you! You have no idea how many performances he does for free, how much of his money he gives away .

      • Western Shipway says:

        We must not allow politics to dictate who can sing with whom, if this tenor wants to sing for Trump that’s his choice.

      • Pianofortissimo says:

        He is not ‘singing for Trump’. He is going to sing to the inauguration of USA’s next president. That would be a honor to any singer.

        • Leo says:

          @ Pianofortissimo! Thank you!!! And even if he/she is singing “for Trump” – there is absolutely no shame in that either! But you are right: the anthem is for the people and the US Presidency, whether Trump or whoever!

          The real shame is on people who deliberately sabotage the highest legally elected official of the Land even before he becomes and “active” president!! And these people, who abuse our freedoms, in addition to politicizing the arts, these socialist demagogues are the greatest danger for our country!

        • Western Shipway says:

          Now that was splitting hair’s wasn’t it:)

  • stweart says:

    At least it’s not Kath !

  • Mome Rath says:

    Maybe Bocelii aspires to be Trump’s “favorite tenor” as Gigli was Mussolini’s !

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    What is really depressing about all these comments is that someone called Martin Bramby called Present Obama Chicago gutter trash and no one complained. Shame.

    • nYMike says:


    • Mikey says:

      a bunch of one-time posters, obvious Trump followers, are posting in this single thread. Some times it’s just not worth responding to their loathsome comments.

    • Western Shipway says:

      How dare anyone make a complimentary comment about Obama!

    • David Nice says:

      I;ve only just read it, Elizabeth, and I did, a couple of minutes ago. As I wrote, almost in the ‘ape’ comment league. Disgusting, but it only degrades the person who wrote it.

      There are a lot of really suspect people on here. The Russian/Trump trolling is everywhere.

  • pooroperaman says:

    Bocelli also sang when Leicester City won the Premier League, so perhaps they should be boycotted as well. It would be just as absurd, after all.

  • Genevieve says:

    I’m a successful career woman. Widely read and well-educated. Good-looking. I support Trump 100% and have always done so. He has a great sense of humour which lefties just can’t understand – they’re so constipated by their own opinions and political-correctness – and no intelligent woman or disabled person would have taken themselves so seriously as to be offended by him. He is now the President-Elect of the USA after a LANDSLIDE victory in spite of the mainstream media’s ludicrous and disgustingly biased pre-election reporting. The USA is a democracy and just as over 60 million Americans chose to support Trump, so Andrea Bocelli may choose to sing at his inauguration in spite of the whining of Aprile Milo. Or doesn’t she understand what a democracy is? No I guess she doesn’t. Go figure.

    • Mikey says:

      You obviously missed the maths part of “well-educated”, because Trump did not win “in a landslide”. As a matter of fact, he has nearly 3 million fewer votes in the popular vote than Hillary Clinton. This actually places him I believe somewhere int he 40’s in line as far as “popularity” of American presidents go.

      He won, by the skin of his teeth because of a lopsided system originally established to give slave-owning states more say in the running of the country (ie: the electoral college).

      If the election were run purely on the popular vote, as it should be, then Trump did not win, and that by a long-shot.

    • Nick says:

      Very well said!! Bravo. I happened to be a professor with a Dr. degree! Rather well read, and working for world’s elite institutions of higher learning, and I supported and support Trump! No one is perfect, but to see a criminal under FBI investigation being nominated for president of the country is the exclusive fault of Democrats! They paid for what they did, because they had no respectable candidates.

      And you are right, Bocelli, or anybody else for that matter, can and should sing, recite or play for whoever they choose. This is how our country works.
      (We have already an offer to boycott ME because I shamed Aprile Millo!) This is who the whining Democrats are: they cannot accept defeat.

      • Mikey says:

        Apparently your Dr. degree is not in law.
        Hillary Clinton was never “under criminal investigation” by the FBI. They investigated and found that there was no wrong-doing.

        On the other hand, Trump is walking a thin line between criminal behaviour and out-right treason, as are a whole lot of Republicans.

        If you’d rather have a man with absolutely 0 experience in government, who has declared bankruptcy more times than should be, who spends his time Tweeting childish comebacks to every perceived slight, who thinks he can skip intelligence briefings because he’s “smart”, if you actually think a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth cares about the middle class, or the working class, or the poor, if you think a man who has repeatedly praised Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il, and other dictators as being “great men”, then your education was a complete waste of money.

        Trump promised to “drain the swamp” as he called Washington, and he has done so… right into his cabinet. Every single one of his cabinet choices has major conflicts of interest, and is or very recently was, directly linked to major banks involved in scandals, or has important financial stakes in Russia.

        Trump may be more stupid than evil, but he has surrounded himself with some of the most insidious people possible, people who are just waiting to burn the country to the ground so they can make a profit.

        Good for you for supporting this.

        • Nick says:


          Thankfully, my Doctorate. is NOT in law!! So I still have some sobriety and normalcy of thinking.
          All these comparisons of Trump to Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Putin, Stalin and other ‘wonderful’ rulers are typical of democratic demagogues and whiners. There is absolutely nothing in common between Trump and the above-mentioned people, whether on the far right or on the far left. All of them are mass murderers, Trump is not. I would recommend all those who have an unstoppable urgency to slander publicly elected officials to keep their hate and venom to themselves. There are plenty of things one can criticize Trump for, but comparisons to Hitler and others are nothing but prosecutable slander, character assassination!

          So Bocelli can sing without any fear of repercussions, except may be from a bunch of liberals who would rather listen to Madonna, who would “perform a blow job on anyone who votes for Hillary, and she claims she “is good at that”. We all have different tastes and it’s OK! I am not a Bocelli fan, but I rather hear him than Madonna at the inauguration.
          The important thing is that Bocelli does not get “punished” for his decision whichever it is. We are tolerant to different opinions unlike the Dems. True, we have preferences, but we respect people with different opinions. The threats against Bocelli are really disgusting and disrespectful to the ideals and laws of our country.

    • Steinway Fanatic says:

      Dear Ms. Successful, Educated Genevieve: Per the facts, Trump’s Electoral College win ranks 46th out of 58 elections, and Trump’s Popular Vote ranks 47th out of the last 49 elections. So, dearie: that’s hardly a “LANDSLIDE”, and next time check the facts rather than being so gullible as to parrot Trump’s silly claims about his “landslide”. Geez…

    • David Nice says:

      No. You’re deluded and can’t claim any emotional intelligence. As for the prof who talks about Hillary’s ‘criminality’, beneath contempt.

  • Howard Dyck says:

    I’ve boycotted Bocelli for years, simply because he can’t sing. Of course I now have an additional reason.

  • Larry evans says:

    This pretty much a confirmation of who the real authoritarians.

    Used to be you could disagree with someone and still be civil. But now the Libs have made disagreement some sort of social felony.

    • Mikey says:

      You would go there?
      For 8 years, Reblubicans (the right wing) have been calling Obama and his wife “monkey”, “ape” and all sorts of other unrepeatable atrocities.

      For 8 years congress has impeded the RIGHTFULLY elected president from doing his job through every countermeasure in the book.

      For 8 years Republicans have said, publicly, that they will hinder, impede, block every presidential order possible, and refuse to collaborate with Obama.

      For 8 years Obama has been attacked by the right as “not a US citizen”.

      And you have the gall to accuse the left of anything?

      Payback is fair play.

  • Roy says:

    All these people who accuse others for hatred are actually full of hate…
    Bocelli is great big tenor even without these fake fans….All honour for him..
    I like him more now..!!

  • Dan P, says:

    So it boils down to the following the following divisions:

    (1) those (a) for whom Trump’s documented erratic, and reprehensible behavior, questionable temperament, lack of any government experience is deeply troubling, and (b) those for whom it is not;

    (2) (a) those who believe art to be an expression of our humanity and part of the larger human picture and (b) those who believe is unrelated to anything in reality, and

    (3) (a) those who think that we should not express our opinions by suggesting others not participate in certain activities and (b) those who feel we have no right to express that opinion.

    What I find frightening is the virulent nastiness and intolerance expressed by Trump supporters, which the comments above clearly express. In the end, does it really matter whether or not Bocelli sings for the inauguration? I’m not sure it does to the country. But I think it should for Mr. Bocelli. He should do what his conscience dictates (if, indeed, it is a matter of conscience to him), but he also has to accept that, like it or not, so will the public.

  • Joan Rutkowski says:

    What is it about Trump that brings out the very worst in everyone? Could it be that he is without any form of decorum, without compassion, without a love of the arts, without a sense of responsibility and I could go on and on. I see posts on this article that mimic him and I find this the most distressing thing about his persona and what he is doing to our country and the world. Anger, hate, bigotry are first on his mind and it is bleeding quickly into our society. Please, please everyone – stop it, this hate will destroy our civilization – it has in the past.

    • Nick says:


      It is not “about Trump” that brings the worst in people. It is about YOU – liberals, who think of themselves as “elite” for some reason. It is the disgust of more than 60 million people with YOU, who promoted a candidate under FBI investigation for US Presidency!! – a travesty, a candidate “without compassion, without love of the arts, without a sense of responsibility” (Rutkowski), and when you and she lost fair and square you keep sabotaging the president-elect by accusing him of all possible and impossible, present and even future sins, and you are whining.

      Any intelligent and well educated person understands Trump “and no intelligent woman or disabled person takes themselves so seriously as to be offended by him” (Genevieve) – very well put!

      Get it liberal hypocrites–whiners: we are not offended by what Trump says, we are insulted by what YOU do!!

      You are prepared to pour your hate on the artists, even on the disabled ones, like Bocelli, who have little to do with politics, you pour your hate on the Art and Music which are above politics, as the noblest sphere of human endeavor! But YOU – liberals have too little culture to understand that and too much hate, contempt and superiority complex in you to support the highest human endeavors.

      • Dan P, says:

        Nick, the venom that you insert into the conversation only goes to prove Joan’s point. The FBI found nothing illegal – twice, while Trump on the other hand paid $25 million dollars to make a fraud case go away. Trump lost the popular vote by 2.6 million votes and only won the electoral votes because votes aren’t tallied the same way in all the states. Some states are winner take all states so no votes for Clinton were reflected in the electoral college from those states. You make the quote “and no intelligent woman or disabled person takes themselves so seriously as to be offended by him.” This purports to be a fact but what is it based on? What would it take to consider Trump’s behavior offensive, Nick?

      • MacroV says:

        Plenty of women found Trump’s comments and behavior troubling, and in fact he lost the womens’ vote (though he won 53% of the white womens’ vote).

        If you’re not troubled by the long list of Trump’s dubious doings and horrific statements (plus his utter lack of policy expertise), not to mention his posture toward Russia – which seems to verge on treasonous – not really much one can say.

        As for Bocelli, a number of artists over the years have been considered heroes for their decisions not to perform in certain places – notably Pablo Casals who wouldn’t perform in Franco’s Spain. Or Rafael Kubelik who wouldn’t perform in communist Czechoslovakia. Or Soviet artists who defected or were exiled – Rostropovich, Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Makarova. So on that basis artists who are appalled by Trump are on very solid ground refusing to perform at any event associated with him, and conversely, those who do are likely to incur some scorn. On top of this, a lot of musicians and music lovers with some level of discernment (derided by others as “elitists”) simply don’t think much of Bocelli, so add the two together and you get 80+ comments on this blog.

      • Martin Ramby says:



        Many “elites” on the left want to silence, shut out, boycott, slander, discredit and destroy anyone who has a view different than theirs. To me, THAT’S fascist, SILENCE ALL OPPOSING VOICES.

        As this thread proves, even a beautiful young talented teen and a blind man with a gifted voice are subject to their irrational, vicious, bigoted, self-absorbed thinking.

        There is one thing to say to those elitists, “you lost and we won, put your big boy panties on, grow up and get over it.”

  • Bocelli fan says:

    Bocelli has a friendship with Trump from a time preceding his political involvement. Trump loaned his plane to Bocelli at one point when he was still touring using commercial airlines. Because of this kindness extended to him, Bocelli may feel a sense of obligation. I am sure he is somewhat aware of the nastiness of the campaign, and the feelings of his fans. Most that I know were not Trump supporters. The fact that his participation hasn’t been confirmed yet may indicate that he is struggling to make the right decision. If he says yes, he will disappoint his fans, if he says no he will join the long list of people that Trump has publicly mocked and humiliated. I hope he declines but I will definitely not be boycotting him.

  • Mome Rath says:

    There are clearly two sides to this argument, but the ultimate decision is Sig Bocelli’s.

    Given Trump’s disdain for facts, his thoughtless knee-jerk pronouncements that are habitually revised by his spin-doctors, his bullying, inflammatory, malicious and provocative outpourings on Twitter and elsewhere, Bocelli needs to ask himself whether whatever Trump is paying him is worth it for the backlash toward him that may result from Tump’ s future unpredictable rants and actions. It has taken Sig Bocelli many years to build his reputation. Is he prepared to throw the dice and risk it all on having his good name indelibly and eternally associated with Donald Trump?

  • Martin Ramby says:

    I am a life long fan of classical music, opera, ballet, theater. I appreciate all genres of music, even rap sometimes. Evancho, Bocelli are talented artists, and are patriots.

    Why would anyone criticize any artist for accepting an invitation to perform at an inauguration?

    Trump spoke with Kanye West in NYC, they are friends he stated. Maybe to perform?

    There are many entertainers I admire and enjoy watching who do not share my political views. Why can’t many on the left do likewise?

    Also, one more point. Trump is the “unpolitician” frankly I like that. Most career politicians stink.

    Trump is ruff around the edges, so was Harry Truman. Trump likes beautiful women, so did JFK, LBJ, and many others. My wife was not offended my Trump, it was guy talk, said privately….he thought. Only his wife should be annoyed.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. (Like keeping Pelosi as Minority Leader in the Senate).

    Trump will shake up the good old boy system in DC. I wish him well.

  • Dave says:

    Trump. Dumb and obviously deaf as well.

  • Richard says:

    Bocelli is a patriot? For which country?
    He likes Trump because he lent him his private plane? What a great guy!

    Kanye is a fame whore just like all the others who have voluntarily walked into Trump tower to kiss the ring.

    A good ol boy who started life with a million bucks in his pocket from his dad is going to shake up the good ol boy system. Martin Ramby you are a boob.

    • Martin says:

      So according to you then, Beyoncé, and all the other Hollywood types are just “fame whores” because they kiss O’s ring? I think not.

      No one has a longer list of rubbing elbows with celebs than BHO. Typical liberal double standard. Keep politics out of the arts.

      Open your ears and eyes before you open your mouth.

      • Richard says:

        Martin, You don’t see a difference between people denouncing a candidate and then three days later begging him for an audience and people like Beyoncé supporting a candidate and celebrating when he won. You are a boob.

    • Martin Ramby says:

      Thank you Richard for that last comment.

      Coming from you, I consider it a compliment.

  • luciano tanto says:

    …o cómo ser tan criticable como lo que se critica.

  • Martin R says:

    Feliz Navidad

    Trump es presidente ahora que finalmente tenemos esperanza.

  • Martin Ramby says:

    Feliz Navidad

    Trump es presidente ahora que finalmente tenemos esperanza.

  • Western Shipway says:

    The FBI found nothing illegal in anything Hillary Clinton did, she must be innocent then! What planet are you on? Get real.

  • Martin Ramby says:

    The Clinton’s, according to Forbes November, 2016, are worth 240 million.

    Hillary said they were broke when they left the White House. FACT.

    It’s been many years since I was a prosecutor, but that looks suspicious to me.

    As Secretary of State, selling political influence for donations to theIr foundation, warrants a closer look IMO. We already know the political appointees in the FBI (not the rank and file who know she’s corrupt) are in the tank for this Administration. Comey is finished.

    • Nick says:

      @Martin Ramby

      Bravo Martin Ramby! I would go even a bit further. Suspicious it is not! HRC is as guilty as sin! Only a corrupt DOJ can deny her guilt. Poor Comey! After all he did for Hillary (he dangerously lied twice!!) the Clintons blame HIM for her losing the election. The “Western Shipway” is a gullible boob if he does not know about the meeting between Bill Clinton and corrupt liar Lynch, after which Comey had no choice, but to say what he said: gross negligence, but prosecution is not recommended. HRC is above the law!

  • Martin Ramby says:


    The Dems are as corrupt as it comes. Donna Brazile actually had the balls to criticize the Russians for “swaying” the election to Trump, saying it was “disgusting” and unethical.

    Yes Donna, leaking the Primary questions to Hillary to crush Sanders sucks too.

    Hypocrites all.

    • William Safford says:

      It’s sad to see all you Republicans emerge from your fact-free bubble to spread your ignorance. I’m embarrassed for all of you.

      • Nick says:


        Please stay embarrassed!!!! You should be. Not for us, for YOURSELF. YOU are ignorant and repulsive, more so than many Republicans! You think of yourself as an “educated”, elite,while in fact, all you are is politically correct piece of socialist crap, and this is what almost brought America’s irreversible change into a socialist democracy. But, thank God, we at least are free from this affliction with the President-elect. We will see if other achievements follow.

        • William Safford says:

          Wow. I touched a nerve. I guess you saw your image in the mirror and didn’t like what you saw.

          I am amused by your invocation of large and “scary” words such as “socialism” as part of your anti-elitist diatribe.

          I infer that you must despise the existence of the US military. After all, it is possibly the largest and most powerful socialist institution in the world.

          But your message betrays the very ignorance and dearth of facts characteristic of Trump supporters, so it comes as no surprise.

          As for Mr. Bocelli, I would not have looked down on him had he taken the gig. He is a professional. He is not even a US citizen. But it is a wise and understandable choice for him to decline it.

          Note how few performers are on board to perform at the Trump inaugural. Hmmmm.

          Oh, BTW, I share your wish to be rid of the President-elect — if that’s what you really meant to say…

          • Nick says:


            I was tigh. You ARE an uneducated self-absorbed idiot.
            FYI. Armies are not a socialist or capitalist institutions. And NO! I very much welcome Trump Presidency and hope that he delivers at least 10% of his promises. His intervention with anti- Israel UN resolutions already mean a lot to world peace and order, unlike the anti-Semitic policies of Barack Hussein Obama. So I am hopeful.
            I recommend you learn English so you would understand what educated people write.

          • William Safford says:


            You’re funny. LOL.

            “Socialism – a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”

            Who controls the military: the government, which, in our system, is controlled by the community as a whole, through its elected representatives. Who does the central planning? The government. Who pays the salaries? The government. Who houses the soldiers? The government, on government land; or, in many cases, with government subsidies. Who hires them? Who has the power to conscript them? The government!


            Just because you disagree with me does not make me ignorant. However, your postings do make others wonder about your command of the facts…

  • Nick says:

    @David Nice,

    FYI, Yefim Bronfman has nothing to do with Putin. Matsuev, Bashmet have, but because of this connection both Matsuev and Bashmet can do a lot of good for young musicians and Music itself! And they INDEED DO THAT! As far as Gergiev goes, the position of music director of one of the major orchestras and theaters is not possible without connection to the power vertical. And this is not only in Russia, but also in many western countries. You are simply uneducated.
    FYI. Matsuev is an enormously talented man. The rest is a matter of taste. I do not like him, you do not, but many DO like him. But for you, damn Dems, the only opinion that counts must be YOURS and yours only. That is how you are!
    You are repulsive!

    • Nick says:


      You know as much about socialism as I know about West African food!! (I have never been in West Africa!!) You must experience socialism on your skin to understand what it is. Any idiot can read ready made book definitions by different schmucks in different encyclopedias. Just proves me right again. You are an extreme left-wing uneducated consumer of mass propaganda for idiots. And there are so many of you, fortunately this time around, not enough to elect a criminal for the U.S. Presidency. But you almost succeeded. Everything and everybody were employed, bribed, conjured, forced, threatened, bought to get HRC a path to the White House. Fortunately, this did not happened. Now you are whining, since you are not used to loosing the game. So whine, may be this is your consolation. Listen to Liszt’s wonderful “Consolations” may this will help.Do not forget: this is not a political blog, but about MUSIC!!
      Good luck, charming

      • William Safford says:

        Thank you for continuing to confirm your profound ignorance and stubbornness. How is it in the fact-free conservative bubble? Is it comfortable in there?

        If you’re trying to put a face on conservative thought, thank you for making the case against conservatism. Maybe it’ll help depress the conservative vote in the next election — and for good reason.

        The funny thing is that you think you’re insulting people with your pejoratives.

        Oh, best wishes to Andrea Bocelli, whatever his decision. He does have one of the best voices in pop music.

  • Nick says:

    Yes Sir, I am perfectly comfy within my bubble of “deplorables”. Let us see if you are as comfy in yours. Good watching during Christmas Holidays!! Happy New Year to you and your non-ignorant bubble friends!

    PLEASE ENJOY the face of the “conservative” thought. (Not my definition, but OK for you.) This is the “elite” definition: DEMAGOGY.

    • William Safford says:

      You’re happy in your fact-free bubble. That tells us a great deal about you, as does your choice of those videos.

      HRC withstood eleven hours of hostile questioning. The Republicans were not able to get her to slip, not only because she is intelligent and well prepared, but because the facts were with her and lies came from her interrogators.

      Of course, this has nothing to do with Andrea Bocelli, who has both a successful singing career, and the wisdom not to become associated with the train wreck of the President-Elect.

      Ditto, for that matter, most other performance artists, who are avoiding him like the plague. I don’t blame them one bit.

  • Nick says:

    Yeah. Now I know WHAT you really!!
    Fascism did not fly with people well this year. And yes, yes, HRC was prepared well…. to lie and not to answer one single question and so did their JD head. The FBI CHIEF admitted to all her helpers lies, you moron. All of them took the Fifth because all of them are guilty as sin!!! People did not want a fascist in power.
    You are not only a stupid liar, but you are dangerous! Please stay away from me and from all of us, normal people!!
    Get into your “factual” blind bubble and live there for 4 more years, and hopefully, for 8. So we do not hear from you and yours. And could live in a spiritually fresher AMERICA, and you should move to, probably, Kenia or Zimbabwe – there you can call white black and vice versa and convince that you are right and factual, while in fact you are stupid and stubborn, a liar – exactly like most of you including your criminal candidate.