Vienna tweaks its New Year’s menu for Dudamel

The first leaks have seeped from the 2017 New Year’s Day concert programme, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel.

The opening items will be the Nechledil march from Lehar’s operetta Wiener Frauen, followed by Emile Waldteufel’s waltz, Les Patineurs.

Not a Strauss in sight.

vienna phil pose

Expect more women players than ever before.

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  • “Not a Strauss in sight” amidst the first two items, you mean. It might be an idea to wait to see what is in the rest of the programme before there’s talk of Vienna tweaking a venerable tradition for Dudamel’s benefit.

  • A now tired tradition that I feel owes it’s continuation to the broadcasting rights and the marketing of the DVD/CD/Download. Dudamel fits so neatly into the package.

  • He who is tired of Strauss, is tired of life. Just make it new!

    Does Norman think there will be more women on display in the VPO because he will ask for it? (Unlikely, and not his call.) Or because they ask for it? (Meh, he is not so hot these days…)

    Maybe there are just more women coming through naturally and gradually…

  • I’ve always argued that the arts are not elitist however this is the exception which proves the rule. Every year the same people with the women in their fur coats sit there self satisfied,. No I’m not jealous I hate all those waltzes which all appear to sound the same. OOOH look someone is having fun in the percussion section, gosh aren’t they funny, must be the Trish Trash polka”….ugh.

  • The event, which was twice conducted by Carlos Kleiber and (at least) once (wonderfully) by Herbert von Karajan and done surprisingly well by Seiji O., has deteriorated badly in recent years. Dudamel might bring more watchers and better television ratings but will not do much to restore musical values, whatever the final repertory happens to be.

  • What would be the reactions if booeing starts at the end of the concert? It happened early this year at staatsoper. First night. Same audience of this new year concert, I guess

    Alive to all continents. I would recomend Dudamel to prepare fireworks to decoy. Just in case. No money from Venezuela or the marketing good Borda would save him from this blunder

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