Sh*t happens: 1.1 million Americans watch Bach suites in Trump’s first week

Joshua Roman’s response to the election result was to post the six Bach suites on Ted Talks.

No-one expected he’d get a million views before the week was out.

Joshua says: ‘I see a lot of emotional volatility all around: on social media, when I speak to friends, as I observe strangers. I’m not here with words of advice or judgement, but as a musician, I want to offer something else. One of the most important values in art is openness, so I am doing this separate from my own political beliefs, separate from yours, but as a simple gesture of shared humanity.’


Joshua, 32, is a former principal cello of the Seattle Symphony who has made a career as soloist and festival curator.

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  • I’m reminded of those Tea Party and Christian conservative riots back in 2008 following Obama’s election. Oh, wait…

    • Oh, wait, Obama isn’t a racist Islamophobic misogynistic bigoted groper of women with ties to the Russian government and with financial conflicts of interest across the world, who has elevated anti-Semites to positions of power.

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