SanFran hires Banksy to stage opera

A local graffiti artist known as RETNA has designed the new Aida.

See what you think.


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  • I clicked on this post because of the reference to Banksy. No Banksy, it seems, but still, I’ve now got the exemplar I need to illustrate the meaning of ‘Click-bait’ in my very own Devil’s Dictionary.

      • True.
        And on second thought, you and I may both be wrong about Norman’s headline being incorrect (considering it remains unchanged).
        As Mr. Holmén correctly points out, Banksy’s identity remains unknown. Norman may know more than he’s letting on (‘on good authority’ from one of those infamously informed sources) and might have information that “RETNA” is merely a cover and that Mr. Marquis Lewis, aka RETNA, is in actuality Banksy himself.

        • Now there’s a thought. Hmmm. If it is in fact Banksy himself, I must think the SFO would have done better to hire him as Director. After all, he’s a film director, and one of his films was nominated for an academy award. He could hardly do worse than some of the directors wreaking havoc in opera houses these days — and he might do a great deal better! I must suspect that he is the antithesis of the ‘primo’ type.

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