Russia mourns supreme Tchaikovsky scholar

Russia mourns supreme Tchaikovsky scholar


norman lebrecht

November 14, 2016

Dr Polina Weidmann of the Tchaikovsky Museum, editor of the complete Tchaikovsky edition, has died at 69. Her entire adult life was devoted to the study of Tchaikovsky scores. She became the ultimate authority.



  • Balancement says:

    What a tragic loss. Her contributions were immeasurable — her zeal and talents will be sorely missed in the world of Tchaikovsky scholarship.

  • Milka says:

    The world is full of “ultimate ” authorities. To devote ones’ life to Tchaikovsky scores
    points to being slightly unhinged .

    • 18mebrumaire says:

      Thank you for your considered and appreciative response to the death of this leading and most generous scholar. I was personally acquainted with Dr Vajdman at the Tchaikovsky Museum, Klin, over many years and can assure you that she possessed cultural sympathies extending far beyond her chosen specialism. Your present judgement of her supposed mental state is very wide of the mark and you should be ashamed of making such a statement.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Even by your standards, Milka, dissing a dead person whom you don’t know is somewhere beneath abysmal. Please leave the site before we take measures to exclude you.

    • Olga says:

      Dr. Polina Weidman was PhD in music theory and did research in history of music. Her devotion to Tchaikovsky’s musical heritage was very balanced and her work was fruitful. May her soul rest in peace.
      Your comment sounds unhinged and cynical.

    • Balancement says:

      Dr. Polina Efimovna Vaidman (Полины Ефимовны Вайдман), was Senior curator, researcher, and archivist at the Tchaikovsky Museum and Archives in Klin, Russia.
      She was instrumental in not only publishing the complete edition of Tchaikovsky’s music but also bringing to light the definitive 1879 restored edition Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, recently recorded by Kirill Gerstein. I’m interested to hear what important historical musical contributions you have made that would begin to match the incomparable work of Dr. Vaidman…

  • Marina Forthofer-Safiullina says:

    Polina Vaidmans life was A LIFE FOR TSCHAIKOWSKY. Not for money. Not for her own success. Not for agiotage. Not for sensationalism. She was a musicology good spirit, not only for Klin. You can see many films in YT. Look for her. She is just a GOOD HUMAN. And read her works. And reed another works of another “authorities”. And after that you can tell something. She was never searching for to be an ultimate authoritie. She was just searching for historical fairness.
    Sorry for my English.