Pianist calls for day of fasting in search for missing daughter

Pianist calls for day of fasting in search for missing daughter


norman lebrecht

November 06, 2016

The latest appeal from Jon Schmidt of the Piano Guys, maintaining the search for his daughter Annie.




Dear friends. Our intense search for our sweet Annie continues with great hope. Every thought and each day is filled with the expectation of the miracle that we will find her! We are thankful for everyone that is concerned, praying and helping. In that spirit we offer this update on the search for Annie and an invitation for you to participate on Sunday November 6th.

1. The water and mountain areas adjacent to Annie’s car continue to be searched by county search and rescue (including sonar and dog search).

2. We have contacted private entities to supplement the county SAR efforts.

3. Damon Talbot with Destiny Search Project has been incredible in organizing ongoing search efforts on the “Find Annie Schmidt” public face book group.
They have organized a social media blitz for this weekend (see link at the very bottom). Please join the group.

4. Ongoing investigation by the Portland Police Department.

5. [Day of prayer and fasting to find Annie].
To all who desire, we ask you to participate with us in a day of fasting and prayer this Sunday November 6th. The Schmidts will conclude our fast at 5:00 pm mountain time Sunday. We invite everyone, wherever you are, to unite with us by offering your own private prayer with us at that same time. We will be asking our Heavenly Father to lead us to find Annie and to give each and everyone of us a feeling of peace that she is in God’s care. We have faith that “the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort” (2 Corinthians 1:3) will hear and answer our united prayer.

Please know of our love and appreciation for all of you! We feel your support, love and faith so strongly at this time!


Jon and Michelle Schmidt #FindAnnie




  • Don'tBringReligionIntoThis says:

    Oh boy.

  • PlanetResident says:

    It is our duty as residents of this planet to help our fellow man. It is a great tragedy that Annie is missing. She along with hundreds of others that go missing need to be prayed for or at least an effort made to show you care not just for their safe return but also for their families. If you didn’t participate in a fast or prayer group, it is all by choice. However, at least stop by your local Walmart and LOOK at the board of The Missing. Maybe just maybe you seen something, anything that could help find them. When an Amber alert appears on your phone at 3am, please, don’t complain about it – that’s someone’s child that’s missing. Later, (when you are awake) VISIT the website and get the details of the abduction! Participate in helping and pray…that you will never go through the agony of having a loved one go ”missing”.

  • Louise Johnson says:

    I pray every day for closure for the family of Annie Schmidt, pray that the Lord God almighty will help you find your loving daughter!