Nigel Kennedy wants to leave ‘fascist’ Britain

The violinist says he’s considering moving to Berlin because he does not want to live in a ‘fascist, ‘racist’ country.

He told the Murdoch-owned Sky News: ‘I’m seriously considering Berlin as an option to try and go and live there if they will have me as a German citizen because I don’t want to be part of a country which is so racist. And I don’t mind using that word.

‘Everyone says Brexit isn’t racist, it kind of is racist if it is being built upon the premise of immigration and refugees.’

He added: ‘I would move to Poland but it is even more fascist than England.’

His grasp of political terminology seems as flawed as his political judgement.

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  • Like the white Hollywood liberals in the US who cried racism and vowed to leave the country for Canada if the Trumpster was elected, it is curious that they always seem to pick WHITE countries to move to. How about Kennedy and the rest move to Iran, or Syria, or Nigeria?

  • He just not very bright up top……………just another “luvvie” throwing his toys out of the pram. Can someone have a quiet word with him and explain the concept of democracy.

  • He hasn’t let his feelings about Poland get in the way of his career in that country, has he?

    “At present he’s doing Poland in a very big way. Having married a Polish lawyer named Agnieszka, having put together his own Polish jazz quintet, and with a house in Krakow plus a log cabin in the mountains near the Slovakian border, he’s gradually become, he says with shining eyes, an honorary Polish citizen.”


  • Great talent, fantastic musician and someone who has at least tried to do and see things differently, however ill suited he may be to the role of musical revolutionary. Speaking of democracy or the manipulation thereof, why on earth he would be telling this to a Murdoch outlet is quite beyond me.

    • Unlike much of your so-called ‘progressive’ media, the Murdoch press (those I read, anyway) are interested in all points of view. If you don’t read them yourself you wouldn’t know and, therefore, speak from a position of ignorance.

      • Oh pull the other one Sue. Fox news, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, the Sun/News of the World, the Australian- great diversity of opinion there. Climate change sceptics and deniers.

  • What a utter plonker. He already tried to get away from his background by assuming this fake South London accent he uses. After all he was born and brought up in Brighton, and then privately educated! Hardly from where you get a South London accent!

    Go to Germany and he might find exactly the same thing but far more! It’s not all hunky dory and he’d need to speak the language properly to get accepted, or he’ll be an immigrant but with pots of money. Wait till he finds out those over there want their own Gexit! He’s living in cloud cukooland and insulting to those who do have a brain here and who did vote Brexit for very good and moral reasons. Sounds as if he’s got too much time on his hands these days to be even shouting on Sky News.

    • I can think of a few suitable states in the Middle East that might be better for him and when he goes, he can take his Aston Villa shirt and his mock accent, with him!

      He’s obviously not very well-liked, here.

    • Nige is Nige and one gets accustomed to his enigmatic and sometimes confusing comments. He’s in the business of provocation and not everything is to be taken at face value.
      I can’t really see that he’d have any problems in cosmopolitan Berlin, Rattle has managed quite well even with his airbrushed scouse patois.
      ‘Privately educated’ – can’t really see any relevance in this point at all. I doubt very much if he’d have got thus far in a ‘bog standard’ comp in his ‘yoof’. Even less so in these times where music tuition is either being phased out, dumbed down or decimated by local councils.
      He can be insufferable in front of a camera, peppering the dialogue with endless ‘likes’ and ‘kind ofs’ but he was and can be a splendid musician.
      Funny- he’s not permitted to ‘shout on Sky News’ when others quite easily fall into the same mode on here.
      I don’t fell even slightly insulted about his Brexit views, he’s allowed an opinion surely…..but then, that’s NK for you.

      • He can go on Sky News if he likes, as long as he realises he’s being presented as a kind of circus freak by the right wing media to reinforce the prejudices of their viewers. ‘Here you go, this is what the anti-fascist movement looks like’.

        • I think he does well enough as a bovva-boy fiddler without the aid of Sky or anybody else. I say “why bovva”?

    • I wasn’t going to get into this very entertaining set of comments but I have to say I was brought up in Brighton and I don’t speak very proper. Of course I didn’t go to a fancy private school.

  • In the last Landestag elections in Berlin, the far-right, racist, anti-Semitic AfD party won 14% of the vote. This rightward movement is international. There is no refuge.

    • Brother William, it’s on the march everywhere. I wouldn’t be betting on them managing more than 15% here in Germany though

      • Sounds about right. The CDU recently announced it might consider a coalition with the AfD if necessary. Bad idea.

  • I never heard of this player ever before but he’s surely not from here, peaceful Dorset. No fascists here, only an angry immigrant grocer in the village who plays Bruckner in his shop, which puts-off the customers. (He may be German, now I think of it.)

    • Arguably the best Elgar violin concerto on record. An unbelievably raw, scintillating recording of the Bartok solo violin sonata. There are just two that spring immediately to mind. And to all who are posting these sort of comments, maybe know a bit more about someone before you start hating.

      • I couldn’t agree more, David. Comments such as ‘Can he play anything other than The Four Seasons?’ reveal real ignorance and a mean pomposity.

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