Modern opera: Salome in the swimming pool

That’s how Marc Adam is staging Strauss’s post-biblical opera at Linz.

endprobe am landestheater linz

Right-click to enlarge image. More pics here.

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  • Even though one should not judge a staging by a few photos, this actually feels very right to me: A war lord who tries to look rich and statesmanlike, soldiers and rebels, a bored daughter growing up in an unhealthy mix of luxury, violence and sexualisation … just what the opera is about. I’d better check out trains to Linz.

  • Credit the original idea to Andreas Mitisek, who staged Ricky Ian Gordon’s “Orpheus and Euridice” in the pool for Long Beach Opera and Chicago Opera Theater – to critical acclaim in both cities.

    • Who? What? Where?
      Please do some research! It’s not the first production of Salome set around a pool… Mussbach in Dresden in 2005 did it and there were others. So it’s highly improbable they copied the production you are citing…

  • In what sense is the opera ‘post biblical’? While the historical Salome didn’t live early enough to make it into the latest book of the Tanakh, she’s definitely in the Christian Bible. In the Gospel of Mark she is called Herodias’ daughter. Jewish historian Josephus names her as Salome.

  • Warlikowski’s infamous King Roger (Paris 2009) used the same Konzept… Someone should establish a mail order catalogue of these “innovative” ideas, for all these people to pick up from.

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