Maestro move: Tongue-twister in Japan

Tadaaki Otaka will be the new chief conductor of the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra.

He succeeds Michiyoshi Inoue in April next year.

Osaka with Otaka will be particularly hard on classical announcers.


History lesson: The first concert of the Osaka Philharmonic – known then as the Kansai Symphony Orchestra – was on April 26, 1947. Otaka was born on November 8 1947. He will become its third music director (Michiyoshi Inoue was not music director but principal conductor).


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  • If announcers can manage to say the name of the new CBSO chief I doubt that the combination of Otaka and Osaka will give them much trouble. Great conductor, lovely man.

  • There’s something faintly xenophobic about this blurb Norman.

    Talk about the change of leadership at the orchestra, and leave out the (un)witty quips about foreign names.

    Besides, these names are far easier to pronounce than half the phonebook in Dusseldorf.. or worse, in Wales.

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