Maestro, 92, suffers stroke

Maestro, 92, suffers stroke


norman lebrecht

November 16, 2016

The Minnesota Orchestra reports that its former music director Stanislaw Skrowaczewski suffered a stroke on Sunday night. It adds: ‘His family reports that he successfully underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.’

The Polish maestro conducted a triumphant Bruckner Eighth in Minneapolis just a month ago. We wish him a full recovery.


More from the Minnesota Orchestra: ‘We ask that you keep the Skrowaczewski family your thoughts and prayers, and perhaps listen to a Bruckner Symphony to channel positive energy for Maestro Skrowaczewski.’


  • DESR says:

    I pray for his recovery. A great man, and a wonderful, collaborative musician.

    I will be putting on some Bruckner shortly to invoke the gods.

    But which symph?

    • Dan says:


      His devotion to Bruckner began with a revelatory experience when, at the age of 7, walking in the streets of Lwów (then Poland, now L’viv, Ukraine) he heard the sound of music coming from an open window. He was transfixed: “I was in a trance. I was in heaven – the world didn’t exist for me.” It was, as he wrote in the reply to a card I sent him after a deeply moving performance of Bruckner’s 6th at the Royal Albert Hall, (BBC Proms, 5 September 1996), that “metaphysical shudder that great music can produce.” The music he had heard coming through the window on that occasion over 80 years ago was the Adagio of Bruckner’s 7th Symphony.

  • Olassus says:

    Skrowaczewski = unsurpassed in Bruckner.

  • Bill says:

    The great Skrowaczewski is 93, not 92. Born Oct 3, 1923.

  • Rosana Martins says:

    Great conductor and a lovely human being. Hope he recovers well.
    Please keep us informed about him.

  • Andrey says:

    From bottom of my heart wish to this Big Maestro a good recovery!

  • Veit says:

    Maestro Skrowaczewski, conductor laureate of the
    Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken
    (German Radio philharmonic)
    after years as principal guest, is 93, I guess.
    We wish a good recovery

  • David Salgo says:

    I wish Maestro Skrowaczewski a speedy recovery! What a great man and wonderful musician. I worked under him in the Hallé Orchestra for 9 years, 1983-92. On the platform life could be quite tense with total focus on the music – no time for small talk. Off the platform he was charming and entertaining, His music performances were unforgettable – really stunning and well worth the concentration and effort he demanded from us all. I remember best his Shostakovitch (we recorded 10th and 5th), Brahms, Mahler and he is to me unsurpassed in his Bruckner interpretations! He still returns to conduct the Hallé in Manchester.