London opera company gives up on singing

Euphonia Studio is about to use its opera cast in three stage plays. Interesting idea.

Cheaper, too.

Press release:

Opera Company Goes Straight!

Challenging the commonly-held assumption that opera singers can’t act, Euphonia Studio attempts to prove to the contrary in a highly entertaining triple-bill of short plays by Anton Chekhov. 

Updated to a modern-day, north-of-England setting, The Proposal, On the Evils of Tobacco and The Bear feature a cast of young opera singers – Edward Jowle, Sophie Dicks and Hannah Jane Peel – using their voices in a completely different way to usual…without singing a note! 

Adapted and directed by Euphonia Studio Artistic Director Alisdair Kitchen, the production is playing in London from December 6th-10th at The Drayton Arms Theatre, and travels to Rye, East Sussex for a one-off performance in association with the Rye Arts Festival.

The London run also includes free entry to an exhibition of sculpture by legendary director Sir Jonathan Miller, drawing by the extraordinary twin-artists The Lake Twins, and work by Alisdair Kitchen inspired by Euphonia Studio’s recent production of The Turn Of The Screw.

More info here.


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