Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson sings a Hebrew song

Tom Watson stood up today at Labour Friends of Israel and, after denouncing antisemitism in the party, burst into song. The exhortation he chants – Am Yisrael Chai – means: The people of Israel are alive.


Now for a duet with Jeremy Corbyn.

We live in weird times.

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  • About the Corbyn bashing campaigns I found this one today on Facebook: Assemble your own Daily Mail headline from these words, or better, put them all in one headline. As long as there is only space left for the picture of a topless female model. “Christmas abolished by loony left Muslims and house prices plummet as Trotskyist Corbyn supporting paedophilic benefit scrounging ISIS militants posing as child refugees seed heavy snow bearing cloud with deadly gay Ebola virus in order to thwart Brexit”.
    ‘Middle-East peace envoy’ Blair is joining the chorus too these days.

    • Not all of us find Corbyn so hilarious. As the Jewish Chronicle so neatly put it his version of the Labour party has attracted anti-Semites like flies to a cesspit. But there are still decent people in it, something you obviously dislike.

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