Kuwait’s opera is opened by Bocelli

Kuwait’s opera is opened by Bocelli


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2016

An arts complex, including the emirate’s first opera theatre, was inaugurated last night by the Italian crooner.

The opera house seats 2,000. No programme has yet been announced.




  • Dirk Fischer says:

    A big achievement for a country that most of us know very little about. I sincerely hope this impressive arts complex will benefit my friends in Kuwait, as I know how hard they have been working to encourage western classical music in the region. Truly exciting!

    Dirk Fischer
    Solaire Records

    • yvonne van zyl says:

      Sad very sad no one knew, it was not advertised, i have livef here for 18 years, this was a well kept secret. I will continue to listen to my favorite opera in my house, honestly i am very sad that i did not know

      • Dirk Fischer says:

        Hi Yvonne, it’s a pity you did not hear about the opening, but I fully agree it is a giant step forward. I hope there will be many more chances for you to listen and watch your favourite operas at the new complex!

  • Scott says:

    Bocelli? What a shame to have a pop singer open an opera house!