Khatia shuns Airb&b


The free strawberry is first night only.

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      • I actually lost a job because of Khatia. True. I was working as a piano teacher, and a young girl comes in and says she’d like to be the next Khatia Buniatishvili. So I picked up a conductor’s baton, and broke her nose!

  • This doesn’t make any sense.

    Oh, I see… it’s because this is an advertisement for a fancy hotel. So if she did an ad for Rolex or Breuget, you could say she “shuns” Timex (or Casio or whatever cheap brands you have over there). Heh heh. Yes, very clever. Heh.

  • Isn’t that the hotel where the German state prime minister Barschel was killed by the Mossad just before he was going to give testimony about his role as middle man in the Iran-Contra affair?
    I would be cautious taking that strawberry from her gorgeous hands into ones mouth.

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