Katherine Jenkins now sings one mile high

She’s the in-flight live entertainment on British Airways, along with a couple of Bolshoi dancers, on a new Moscow service inaugurated this week. This official video is close-miked.

Passenger videos (below) indicate there is no way she could make herself heard for long above the engine noise.



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  • Well, if it wasn’t a one off, it’s a long flight and there’s a lot of vodka aboard….Come to think of it, they’ll need the booze anyway after that.

  • I hope this doesn’t become an irritating trend. At least the on-board movies are voluntary.

    Note to self: next time you fly BA, buy a parachute and book a seat near an emergency exit.

      • Sorry, Stweart, I have a British sense of humour with a ‘U!’ 🙂 I know what those BA cabin crew were doing – they were entertaining their BA bosses at their Christmas party! All good fun, and very British!

        Do I need a sense of humour over Jenkins – also very Welsh, so British too – no I don’t. It’s just plain tacky and bloody awful. as we say in England. Get the parachute, I say, only that I couldn’t possibly afford to travel BA first class 🙂 More ha, ha!!

        Have a good weekend!

  • I don’t think too many SD readers need worry – this looks as if it all happened in First Class (or is it Club Class?). Whenever I sit on a plane the seats look a jolly sight closer together than these ones do…

      • You go to teacher training college to qualify as a teacher in England at least – can’t vouch for Wales – plus it’s a graduate profession these days so a diploma won’t do. RAM is for training performers not music teachers, particularly good for pianists.

  • I’ve not flown with BA for quite a few years now but, unless they’ve been on some kind of economy drive since last I did so, I’m pretty certain that this is Business Class, not First Class; it’s more than enough to persuade me not to fly Business Class again – it’ll have to be First Class in future…

    I quite liked the woman sniggering into her phone at around 0.39.

    But in all seriousness, this is supposedly an ad – and I thought that the purpose of airline ads was to encourage more business for the airlines that run them rather than to ensure that any business cutomers fly Virgin in future.

    That said, what worries me is that, should this exercise fail to generate sufficient extra business for BA, it might decide to try having Charlotte Church “singing” a medley comprising Come fly with me, Up, up and away and Fly me to the moon in First Class; were that ever to happen in front of me I’d probably demand my fare back plus damages plus interest.

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