Israel Philharmonic plucks key exec from Carnegie Hall

Naomi Grabel has abruptly left her post as director of marketing and creative services at Carnegie Hall to become CEO of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

She starts work in three weeks’ time.

All well at Carnegie Hall?


press release:

David Hirsch, President of the Board of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, announced today that the Board, following a unanimous recommendation of a search committee, has appointed Naomi Grabel as the AFIPO’s first Chief Executive Officer effective December 12, 2016.

Mr. Hirsch states: “Ms. Grabel’s extensive background made her a great candidate, but it was her vision that ultimately led to her selection as our very first CEO.  The board of the AFIPO has found in Naomi a leader who will focus not only on development but on increasing our footprint through social media to a much larger, more diverse, and younger audience. We recognize that young people are looking to connect with Israel in many ways, and as Israel’s greatest non-political ambassador, we fill a very clear and important space.”

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      • Abrupt or not, I suspect all is well at Carnegie Hall.
        There is a bit of a difference between becoming the first ever CEO of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and being the 83rd name, far down on a list of miscellaneous Carnegie Hall staff.

  • American friend of Israel philharmonic give big money from American citizens. I wanted to attend concert but price of ticket $500. Those money made in USA should better support orchestra in our country. Hope this not tax deductable.

  • Good Luck, Naomi Grabel !!!
    Your success as CEO of AFIPO (American Friends of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) is our success!!!

  • It must be paid position CEO of Friends of Israel Philharmonic if she left her job at Carnegie hall. I imagine that it’s a society of volunteers to squeeze out money from American to support orchestra in foreign country. Must be non-profit organization with all tax deduction. Outragess!

  • There are many “American Friends of” type nonprofits established in the USA., i.e. The Louvre, British Museum, Chartres, to name just three. This is a way for foreign organizations to raise money from Americans who, in turn, get a tax deduction for their gift. It’s all perfectly legitimate.

  • Zubin Metha salary at IPO 1 million dollars, maybe even more by now. Some American orchestras budget $300000. What’s salary of Naomi Grabel now that she left so fast her job at Carnegie?

  • Please send a memorandum of some sort to every ticket holder for the October 25, 2017 to dress appropriately, meaning no jeans and no SNEAKERS as this rallies come in. Also in that memorandum to every ticket holder, please tell them to leave their snacks in the car NO MUNCHING doing a Carnegie Hall BO symphony performance. Informed him to sit back in their seats are not forward so people behind them can see and that there was no recording and no flash lighting allowed. Please also informed the ticket holders that they want to be silent from the very second they walk the strip warms up until after the maestro puts down his baton except during intermission. I have been to every Israel so harmonic orchestra performance as well as every other major orchestra and there is NO AUDIENCE EVER as rude, disrespectful, rowdy, and obtrusive as those are tending the is the ISRAEL Philharmonic concerts. This is not a Pinyan because of this fact and I have already requested more ashes to be on duty throughout the concert to usher out and rambunctious ticket holders and I have a ticket holder for $146 a ticket. Please inform them in this memorandum to hold their applause until after the maestro puts down his baton. This is Carnegie Hall,
    not the local movie theater. Appropriate etiquette and attire are expected from adults because of what they are accustomed to in Israel.
    I also raise my concerns with the CEO of Carnegie Hall via voicemail moments ago asking that he put on a staff of aggressive Usher supervision THROUGHOUT the concert based on my years and years of experience attending the Israel Philharmonic concert. iPhone support the concert and I am the most loyal dedicated fan of Zubin Mehta in the world since I was 19 years old and he is well aware. I do not support rambunctious behavior of the audience out of total just respect to the conductor, to the orchestra, and to other people attending this concert seated among them.

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