Holiday gift: Free Beethoven quartets this weekend

The Miro Quartet are offering us the chance to download their new album for free.

Click here.

beethoven and goethe - carl roehling

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  • I download the files and listened to the Op. 74 & 95 quartets. Surprise! Superb interpretations and sound quality that compare to the best. Now I’m going to buy their discs from CD Baby (the free versions are only MPEG).

    I’m eagerly looking forward to when the Miró Quartet will record the Late Beethoven Quartets. Hopefully with both endings for the Op. 130.

  • Great to see and hear the Miro Quartet again. I heard them years ago when, as a young quartet being mentored by the Guarneri, the two performed the Mendelssohn Octet. It was then, and remains a highlight of my decades of concert attendance. Wishing them continued success!

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